Bio FUE Hair Transplant

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What is Bio FUE hair transplant?

Bio FUE hair transplant is the improved and advanced version of FUE hair transplant, which gives better results and natural hair growth. The objective of this technology is to improve FUE results by combining blood cell growth stimulators in the surgical process. The treatment is followed by the FUE hair harvesting & Implanting. This helps in making the grafted scalp heal rapidly and the growth of transplanted hair better in strength and texture.

In the first step, 16 ml blood is withdrawn from the patient’s arm and processed in a centrifuge to separate the regenerative serum from the blood. During this process, the blood gets collected in the bottom of the tube & the upper layer contains regenerative cells serum. The surgeon, then injects the growth stimulator serum into the site of thinning crown or transplantation site to enhance growth. This happens in between the procedure of Hair Transplant & there is no extra post-operative pain or downtime associated with it.

Is Bio FUE hair transplant better for hair growth?

Yes, it is very beneficial for hair regrowth. The treatment decreases scarring on the scalp. It rejuvenates thinned out hair follicles in the recipient area and results in thick and healthy hair growth.

Is Bio FUE hair transplant better than Strip (FUT) technique?

Yes, Bio FUE technique helps in faster healing after hair transplant and accelerates the growth of new hair in the recipient scalp.

  • The hair grown in Bio FUE gives you better textured and dense hair.

  • In Bio FUE hair transplant, the serum concentrates contains albumin and other proteins which help in quick healing and getting results rapidly.

  • Bio FUE is more cost-effective than FUT, as the post op recovery is quick & it does not require maintenance for a long time and leaves long-lasting results.

  • The treatment also boosts the growth of the existing hair in the recipient area and makes the implant look more dense.

  • Bio FUE hair transplant treatment prevents further receding of hairline.

  • The entire process is bit lengthy, but it hardly takes 5-6 hours as the process involves grafting and injected process during this treatment. It can all be completed in a day session.

Who are the best candidates for Bio  FUE ?

  • Those who want High Density grafting

  • Those who want to keep short hair

  • Those who do not want a linear scar

  • Those with limited scalp elasticity

What are the precautions ?

  • A patient should avoid direct sun exposures for at least the next 3 weeks after the treatments, as UV rays may impair the healing process.

  • Allergic reactions if any noticed, should be immediately reported to the Clinic & Doctor.

  • After going through this Bio FUE hair transplant, it is advisable to follow a healthy lifestyle and protein rich balanced diet.

  • Consumption of junk food should be avoided or restricted.

  • Proper care & restricted activities is advisable in the first week after BioFUE to reduce any risk of inflammation and infection etc.

  • Head wash or full body bath can be taken 48 hours after Bio FUE Hair Transplant.

  • Take medications on time as prescribed by the doctor.

  • Avoid smoking and alcohol for a week before and after the surgery.

What are the risks & side effects ?

  • Sometimes a patient can have minor infection, bleeding, numbness, lack of sensation and changes in skin color etc. In the recipient area. These all are temporary and can be treated.

  • Sometimes, a patient may have heaviness or pain in the donor area. All these resolves itself in a week’s time.

  • Sometimes a patient needs to go for multiple sessions, so as to get desired results.

What to Expect/ Results ?

  • Bio FUE hair transplant results in high density and good volume of hair.

  • It helps in faster healing of the entire scalp & early recovery after the surgery.

  • It strengthens the damaged hair and enhances hair coverage on bald scalp.

  • It helps in reducing the hair fall problem of thinned hair.

  • It improves hair quality such, as giving shinning, volume, softer and elasticity.

  • It repairs damaged hair texture by chemicals, fizziness.

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