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Revision Transplant In Mumbai

Revision Transplant in Mumbai: With the advancement in Revision hair transplant techniques such as follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT), S.A.F.E. (Surgically Advanced Follicular Extraction), ARTAS/ROBOTIC, and others,

It has become possible to produce more natural hair transplant results.

So, if you are someone who has undergone a hair restoration procedure and is not satisfied with the unnatural hairline, hair density, patches, noticeable scarring, or other hair restoration results, then you are a perfect candidate for a revision hair transplant procedure.

  • If your previous hair restoration what conduced with the goal to achieve a trending hairstyle and after a decade the hairstyle opted then is obsolete now, you might consider a hair revision transplant to achieve the latest trending hairstyle.
  • Hairstyling difficulties, such as hair, not parting properly, hair density not proper in the parting area, or uneven hair density during the hair restoration.
  • There could be esthetic concerns after the previous hair restoration performed, a candidate might not have achieved the desired results from his hair restoration surgery, he for sure should consider revision hair transplant surgery, and should discuss thoroughly with Dr. Sumit, revision hair transplant specialist.

Reasons for bad hair restoration results


  • Use of traditional outdated hair restoration techniques for hair transplant surgery could lead to poor hair restoration results, as earlier through strip harvesting technique one to two hair grafts were taken and then grafted in the bald area which resulted in sparse patchy hair growth.
  • Inexperienced hair restoration surgeon with poor operation skills, who is not capable of defining a natural hairline which suits a patient profile can result in unnatural hair growth, so it is advised to every patient that before considering a revision hair transplant surgeon, don’t rush for a doctor if the TV commercial says so, investigate thoroughly, check his history, previous patient testimonials, before after patient gallery or portfolio to check if he produced great results while performing revision hair transplant surgery previously.

Consider yourself as an Ideal candidate for revision hair transplant surgery if you have aesthetic issues with your previous hair restoration surgery or if you have experienced cosmetic complications.

How revision hair transplant surgery works

Usually, a revision hair transplant procedure includes the removal of poorly grafted hair follicles from previous hair restoration procedures and placement of new follicles to make aesthetic corrections, change the hairline and improve hair density can be achieved.

If you are not happy with your previous hair restoration procedure and want a revision hair transplant surgery to make aesthetic corrections contact Dr. Sumit NOW! +91 9967333879, +91-22 2630 0749, or Fill in your contact details and our vertex hair transplant expert will talk to you ASAP!

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