Hair Transplant in Dubai

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Hair Transplant in Dubai

The number of hair transplant procedures in Dubai is booming at a fast pace, as hair loss patients all over the world prefer Dubai because of its tourist attraction. Dubai is considered an aviation hub and a home of around 100 diasporas from different nations and geographical backgrounds. Due to extreme summer temperatures, treated water supply, and stressful working culture, there is a high incidence of hair loss in the UAE. The leading cause of hair fall in Dubai is chlorine-treated water and processed food which lacks nutrients & vitamins.


Due to the broader population suffering from hair loss, the number of balding patients in the UAE is increasing. The number of patients seeking hair transplant in Dubai has grown because the best hair transplant clinics offer surgery at an affordable cost.

Being a highly sought tourism destination, Dubai has also been a preferred city for Aesthetic surgery & hair transplant. Now with the advancement in Hair Transplant techniques & early recovery, Dubai has become an epicenter for hair transplant surgery. A large number of international clinics & surgeons have started their offices in Dubai, offering the best hair transplant services. A highly organized health structure in Dubai helps them to provide the best services. The Dubai authority's strict hygiene protocols & safety measure helps boost the confidence of international patients to travel to Dubai for hair transplant.


The cost is one of the significant factors in prime consideration when deciding on a location away from the home country. The price of a Hair Transplant in Dubai is 3-4 times less than in most European countries & USA. The Hair Transplant in the USA is expensive due to the value of the US Dollar being approximately four times the Dirham AED. Dubai, an aviation hub, is connected to most nations by direct flight. People worldwide have access to the best hair transplant services in Dubai at a leaner budget. 


The common perception is that healthcare services are costly in Dubai. But things have changed with an increase in the number of surgeons & clinics offering hair Transplant services in Dubai. Because of increased competition, hair transplant procedure costs have become affordable in Dubai clinics. The clinics in Dubai follow the highest level of hygiene protocols & safety measures. The doctors in the Dubai clinic will help you get the best assessment of your problem and the possible treatment. The approximate cost of a Hair transplant procedure in Dubai ranges from AED 10000-15000, depending on the Number of Grafts. There is a 5% Vat over the Hair Transplant procedure cost in UAE.

Hair Transplant with Dr. Sumit Agrawal

Dr. Sumit Agrawal is a board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in Mumbai & Dubai. He did his Masters in Plastic Surgery from India in 2009. Followed by advanced training in Hair Transplant from London & Houston (USA) in the early 2010s. He is a reputed name in the Hair Restoration Surgeons fraternity and is an active member of ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons). He has regularly invited speaker to various National & International conferences. 


Dr. Sumit Agrawal has been a Specialist Plastic Surgeon certified by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) since 2015. He has been Visiting Harley Clinic (HMC Dubai) as a hair restoration surgeon since 2015.


Over 15 years of hair restoration practice, Dr. Sumit Agrawal has done over 2500 hair transplants. Has expertise in both Follicular unit excision (FUE) & Strip (FUT) transplant. All the Transplants are done by him & assisted by skilled nursing staff. The use of the latest technology & magnifying glasses during the entire procedure helps our team to give the best results in Hair Transplant in Dubai.

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