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Effective medical treatments for the problem of hair loss are available and offered at Harley’s hair Transplant Clinic. With proper treatment and guidance of Dr. Sumit Agrawal, a patient’s hair can grow back again.

Medical treatment for the baldness problem includes medicines, hair transplant surgery, hair extensions etc. to achieve the best results, the surgeon may suggest a combination of various techniques that result in hair development.

The objective of medical treatment is to propel hair development, reduce the rate or completely avoid hair falling in the future.



There are many cases in which hair loss is caused due to an underlying disease and to get rid of baldness, treatment of the disease is necessary. Medicines will be prescribed by the doctor to reduce patient’s inflammation and suppress the immune system.

If any specific medicine is the cause of your hair loss problem, the doctor may recommend you to stop consuming it for at least 3 to 4 months.

There are a few medicines available that can treat or slow baldness to some extent. Two medicines (approved by doctors) to treat male pattern baldness are:




Minoxidil is quite effective in slowing or even stopping hair loss and helps hair regrowth in both males and females. Minoxidil comes as a fluid or foam state, which is rubbed on the scalp at least twice per day to develop new hair and to reduce the rate of hair loss. It can be utilized by males and females. By using this treatment, a few people encounter hair regrowth, a slower rate of baldness or both. The impact increases after 4 months and you have to continue applying for the medicine during this time period. (It’s strongly recommended that you should only consume this medicine after consulting a doctor).



Finasteride is a drug prescribed to resolve the problem of hair loss in males and should be consumed by men only. It comes in a pill form and consumed orally. This medicine slows the rate of hair fall significantly and some patients might even witness the new hair development. You need to continue the consumption of this medicine, if you wish to retain the results. (It’s strongly recommended that you should only consume this medicine after consulting a doctor).


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