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Hair Transplant cost in Mumbai is probably the first thing that comes in our mind when we think of getting a hair transplant surgery. Due to the rising demands for the hair transplant procedure in the recent years, many hair transplant clinics have started offering cheap hair transplant price in Mumbai, & people without knowing the implication are opting for these packages.

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Hair transplant cost in Mumbai may vary, based on different factors as below:

Qualification of the hair transplant Surgeon

Most of the hair transplant clinics that offer average price of hair transplant in Mumbai, don’t have a qualified hair transplant surgeon. Be very careful while selecting a hair transplant clinic which offers a low hair replacement price in Mumbai. Do read abouthair transplant surgeonqualifications, as getting hair transplant procedure done by an unqualified hair transplant surgeon will expose you with the potential risk associated with the procedure.

Experience of the hair transplant surgeon

An experienced hair transplant surgeon increases the success rate of your hair transplant procedure, so before opting a low hair plant price procedure, do check the number of hair transplant surgeries done by the hair transplant surgeon, for how many years he is performing hair transplant surgeries and has he performed hair transplant procedures to people of different origin. If the hair transplant surgeon has conducted more than 1000 hair transplants procedures and has more than 8 years of experience, then such hair transplant surgeons may charge you more hair transplant surgery price.

Skills of the hair transplant surgeon

Most people who opt for a hair transplant procedure want to improve their looks, so before opting for a hair transplant clinic that offers cheap hair plantation cost in Mumbai, do check, if the hair transplant surgeon has the required skills to provide a natural hairline that will improve your looks, as hair transplant surgery done by unqualified hair transplant surgeon may require further correction surgeries, that will cost you more. To find out the artistic skill set of your hair transplant surgeon, do checkhair transplant procedure before and after imagesandHair transplant information videos.

Hair transplant technique and Equipment’s

Cost of Hair transplant surgery in Mumbai may also vary depending upon the Hair transplant techniques and equipment’s used by the hair transplant surgeon. Equipment and technique affect the hair fixing cost in Mumbai. The two main hair transplant techniques are theFUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)andFUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). The benefits and cost of both the hair transplant procedure are different.Call Harleys hair transplant clinic:+91 9967333879Now to know about the hair transplant cost in Mumbai.

The Number of Grafts and grade of baldness

Hair transplant price depends upon the number of hair grafts required to cover thegrade of baldness. Before opting for a clinic offering low hair transplant cost in Mumbai, do ask them if they have any hidden cost involved.

Safety and Hygiene standards followed

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure, and every surgical procedure must follow a standard guideline of hygiene and safety to reduce the risk of infection and complications involved in any surgical procedure. A hair transplant clinic offering a low hair transplant cost in Mumbai may neglect standards for safety and hygiene to reduce the cost of the hair transplant procedure.

At Harley’shair transplant Clinic Mumbaiall hygiene and safety standards are followed, to reduce any post-surgical infection and complications.

Words from Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic Mumbai

Hair transplant surgery earlier was thought to be affordable only by the economically higher class of people, but today, Harleys hair transplant Clinic in Mumbai has made hair transplant price affordable and economically efficient for every class.

With the recent advances in science paired with the globalization of our economy, cosmetic surgeries are now possible at a lower cost.

We ensure you get an efficient surgery while paying the minimal and just hair transplant price.

We charge you according to and only for your requirements with no hidden or additional charges.

If you are insured, please know that insurance does not cover every surgery.

Plastic surgeries done for the correction of disability following an accident or a burn or even for functional reasons such as septum correction (Septo Rhinoplasty) in deviated nasal septum are covered by insurance.

At the time of confirmation of your hair surgery, we will charge you with a generic booking amount, which will be adjusted against your final bill, post your surgery.

Call Harley’s hair transplant clinic in Mumbai: +91 9967333879 Now to know the hair transplant cost in Mumbai. GST 18% is applicable to Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant


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