Hair Extensions

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Hair Extensions

Switching the colour, style and length of your hair may sound quite tempting, especially to women. Human or artificial hair extensions are often used by people to achieve a dense look for their natural hair.

Hair extensions can be perfect for you if you want a quick fix hair solution. Though earlier, hair extensions had a very bad reputation, as they were considered responsible for bald patches, damaged scalp, when hair extensions were removed from the applied spot, but those were things of the past, now with the help of hair extension specialist you can get the perfect hair, those you always desired.

Now, let’s dive in further to know more about hair extensions, the Dos and Don’ts:

Who can be the perfect candidate for hair extension?

Any men or woman who wants to change his/her hairstyle, or want to add volume to bald spots on the scalp is a perfect candidate for hair extension.

Who shouldn’t get hair extensions?

If you are experiencing hair loss, experts might suggest you not to go for hair extensions. The best would be to consulting our experts at Harleys Hair transplant in Mumbai.

How many types of hair extension are available?

  • Bonding: In this method, a bunch of hair extensions is glued to the roots of the natural hair.

  • Fusion: In this method, separate hair extensions are glued one at a time to existing hair.

What hair extension should I use?

Before getting a hair extension, consult Dr. Sumit. He would guide you through the process and the hair extension that will enhance your overall personality.

Should I always wear a human hair extension?

It feels more realistic, managing them is a lot easier, and you can wash them and can use styling tools on them which would not be possible on man-made hair extensions.

Will hair extension damage my scalp?

If you have consulted experts before getting hair extensions and followed the instructions provided, such as not to wear them for long, and other maintenance and wear advice, the hair extension will not damage your scalp at all.

Will hair extension fall off, if I have thin hair?

If you have consulted hair experts before getting your hair extension and have used the correct method for applying the hair extensions, the possibility of hair extensions falling off is next to zero.

The cost of hair extension totally depends upon the method opted for hair extension, the amount, length and quality of hair extension to be applied. Typically the cost can vary ranging from minimum Rs.7000 to 70,000.

Are hair extensions fit for all hair types?

Yes, hair extensions are fit for any hair type. You just need to consult an expert who can guide you on the right method for getting a hair extension.

How do I remove my hair extensions?

Totally depends upon the method you have opted for the hair extension, but best would be to get them removed by experts as without proper care, it might damage your scalp.

Some Facts about Hair Extensions

  • They don’t just increase the length but are often used to enhance volume also, which is ideal for fine or thinning hair.

  • By using hair extensions, you can easily transform your bob hairstyle into the long hairstyle.

  • These can be glued in, braided in, and woven in. so, you can clip-in if you just want a follicular boost for an event.

  • A wide range of highlights or colour can be added to the hair extensions.

  • The process of using hair extension is neither painful nor does it take much time.

There could be many questions lingering around, that you might want answers for. If yes is the answer, book an Appointment with our expert hair transplant surgeon Dr. Sumit Agarwal at Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai. Call now: +91 9320048601, +91-22 2630 0749

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