High-Density Hair Transplant In Mumbai

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High-Density Hair Transplant In Mumbai

Ultra high-density hair transplant is possible with Harley’s hair transplant in Mumbai as we use the latest technology for all hair transplant procedures.

With people becoming more conscious about their looks, they now just don’t want a hair transplant done just to fix the bald spot, but now they want a very high-density hair transplant that looks natural and enhances their aesthetic further.

FAQ High-Density Hair Transplant

Is everyone a good candidate for High-Density Hair Transplant?

No, as every patient and case is different, so whether a patient is a good candidate for High-Density Hair Transplant can only be determined after a thorough examination by Harley’s hair transplant surgeon Dr Sumit.

Key Aspect responsible for a High-Density Hair Transplant?

Early grade Hair loss, Availability of donor area, follicles and a very experienced hair transplant surgeon to conduct the hair transplant surgery, so the best output can be achieved from the hair transplant surgery


How many follicular units are required for a Early grade of baldness?

Around 2500 follicular units are required to cover the frontal and mid-scalp area, which would be around 40 to 45 FUs per square centimetre.

How many follicular units are required for High grade of baldness?

As we are to perform a High-Density Hair Transplant, we need more No. of follicular units needed in a low-grade baldness hair transplant, which could give density of around 50- 55 FUs per square centimetre.

Will High-Density Hair Transplant hurt more?

Surprisingly, you won’t experience any pain during the hair transplant surgery, as you will be given local anesthesia and post-surgery you will be prescribed pain killers in care if you need them for managing a mild pain for a few days.

Will High-Density Hair Transplant means more scaring?

Not at all as for grafting follicular units very small insertions are made that are almost invisible.


Do I need to take a month off from my Work?

No, not at all, but it is recommended that you must take proper rest for a few days or as per your hair transplant surgeon recommends you.

You might have more questions that you need answers for before you get your High-Density Hair Transplant, best recommended would be to meet Dr Sumit. Harley’s best high-density hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai, he would listen to all your queries carefully and will provide answers for all of them.

Once you are satisfied and are willing to undergo the procedure, a date will be fixed for your high-density hair transplant surgery.

You can Book an Appointment now by calling on any of the numbers mentioned in here +91 9320048601 , +91-22 2630 0749 or fill in your contact details here Our expert hair transplant consultant form Harleys hair transplant clinic in Mumbai will contact you ASAP!

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