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Best Hair Transplant clinic in Mumbai

Dr. Sumit Agrawal will help you with complex and long-term hair treatment process by making the hair transplant simple for you. Dr. Sumit Agrawal at Harleys hair transplant clinic in Mumbai is considered one of the best hair transplant doctors in Mumbai, and not only in Mumbai, he provides hair transplant and hair fall treatment in Dubai also, with years of experience. He will understand your hair loss case, will study your medical history and then provide you with a solution for your hair loss problem.

Hair loss problems can be resolved both by medications and through hair transplant surgery, depending upon the cause of hair loss. Our Doctor will study your case and if he feels like there is no need for a hair transplant surgery, he will provide you with proper medication that may help in stimulating hair growth, but it is observed that in some patients, the medication doesn’t stimulate hair growth. For such patients, Doctor Sumit advises opting for a hair transplant surgery.


Dr Sumit Agrawal At Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic In Mumbai

Why Choose Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic

At Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai, Internationally trained and experienced Top Hair Transplant Surgeons along with dedicated staff work with the sole intention of giving our clients the Top Hair Transplant results in India and Dubai, We take every care to provide the best Hair Transplant Surgical procedure and stay more effective, comfortable and safe.

Dr Agrawal is Board certified Plastic Surgeon in India & Dubai

Use HYPOTHERMOSOL Biopreservative media as Graft storage solution

Over 15yrs of practice, has successfully done more than 2500 Hair Transplant

Expertise in both FUT(Strip) & FUE technique

All Transplants are done by Dr Agrawal and his Team

Results of International standards at Indian prices

One stop clinic for all Hair restoration Procedures

Use Trivellini (Mamba) device, the most advanced system for FUE harvesting

Use Sapphire blades for high density grafting

Use HYPOTHERMOSOL Biopreservative media as Graft storage solution

Hair Transplant Techniques

Worried about your baldness and continuous hair loss? Well, there are definitely many treatments for hair loss like having medicines or using a prescribed shampoo or oil or lotions. But what if these treatments also don’t work for you then it becomes a need for having hair transplants who want their look to be enhanced and feel young and confident. Harleys provides various Hair Transplant Techniques like FUT, FUE, Revision/Vertex/High-Density hair transplant. etc.

Fut Treatment


(STRIP Excision)

FUT Hair Transplant in Mumbai: procedure includes extracting a tiny strip of tissue from the back of the scalp.

 Fue Treatment


(Follicular Excision)

Harleys Clinic is an internationally recognized Clinic for providing the best FUE Hair transplant in Mumbai.

 Hair Loss Treatment

Medical Treatment

Effective medical treatments for the problem of hair loss are available and offered at Harley’s hair Transplant Clinic.

Our Approach At Harleys Hair Transplant In Mumbai

Harleys, the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai believes in offering customized hair transplants in Mumbai to our patients. We understand that every case of hair loss is unique and every patient’s objective is personal to them.

At Harleys Clinic in Mumbai consultation, Doctor Sumit will examine your case, analyze your medical history, and then help you understand your case and the options available for you, at a minimum hair transplant cost.

Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai is a leader in providing the best hair transplant in Mumbai and is renowned for offering world-class results while increasing awareness of hair loss options for men and women by educating the people. We ensure that our services, staff, facilities, and treatments all meet World’s highest medical standards.

The top quality results Harleys Hair Transplant in Mumbai deliver are the reasons why people trust us with a lifelong investment in how they look and feel

Visit The Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Mumbai


Are you suffering from hair loss?

No need to worry now! Harleys Clinic, the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai is here to save you! At Harleys Clinic, our best hair transplant doctor in Mumbai Dr. Sumit offers you the best hair transplant in Mumbai.

Although Hair loss is a natural process, some who lose it early in life, get a premature sense of ageing. We often see our hair as a reflection of our true identity! Hair is a priceless gift and its non-existence creates an inferiority complex in human beings.

People often develop stress and depression due to hair loss. So, if you are experiencing no new hair growth on the areas of the head where you have lost a certain amount of hair recently, it is advised to visit Harleys Clinic NOW! offering the best hair transplant in Mumbai

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