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Surat a metropolitan region is surrounded by several villages and towns that contribute to the region's rich cultural and economic landscape. Each village has its unique characteristics, and cultural heritage, that contribute to the overall fabric of the region: Kosamba, Bardoli, Kamrej, Hazira, Utran, Olpad, Sachin, Navsari, Palsana.
Determining the best hair transplant clinic in Surat can depend on various factors, including the clinic's reputation, the surgeon’s experience, the quality of facilities, patient reviews, and the techniques offered.
Harleys Clinic, a top hair transplant clinic offers the best Hair Transplant in Surat done by the expert surgeon Dr. Sumit Agrawal. Harleys Clinic is known to provide hair transplant treatment with advanced innovative techniques such as Bio FUE & Strip (FUT) method that brings natural results.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Surat

  • The cost of a hair transplant in Surat varies depending on several factors, including the clinic's reputation, the surgeon's experience, the technique used, the extent of hair loss, and the number of grafts needed. Generally, the cost is calculated per graft, with prices ranging from around ₹30 to ₹120 per graft.
  • A hair transplant procedure in Surat may cost anywhere from ₹30,000 to ₹2,00,000 or more. Remember that these are rough estimates, and the actual cost could be higher or lower depending on the specific circumstances of your case.
  • It's essential to schedule consultations with multiple clinics to get personalized assessments and quotes based on your individual needs. During these consultations, the surgeon can evaluate your hair loss pattern and provide you with a more accurate estimate of the cost.
  • One should also inquire about any additional costs that may be associated with the procedure, such as pre-operative tests, medications, post-operative care, and follow-up appointments. Understanding the full cost breakdown will help you make an informed decision about your hair transplant.

Discovering The Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Surat

Hair loss is highly prevalent in Surat, the diamond city of Gujarat. The lifestyle of Surat is way too different from other cities where the increased pollution, stress, hot weather and lifestyle could be the contributing factors with genetics to cause baldness.
Due to high aesthetic awareness among males as well as females, Hair Transplant in Surat is in huge demand as people prefer a permanent solution to hair loss issues.
You will often find videos depicting hair transplants gone wrong in clinics in Surat. Patients are not fully satisfied with the results or what they were promised. Many new clinics have opened up in recent few years in Surat, but they lack the clinic experience and vision. Thus, people looking for the Best Hair Transplant in Surat, often travel to Mumbai.
Mumbai has been the hub of Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplant for decades. Bollywood celebrities and Politicians from all over India prefer Mumbai for the Best Hair transplant results. Many blogs represent those people who have had an exhilarating experience of hair transplant in Mumbai, sharing the overall experience is remarkable with the added benefit of affordable cost.

Why do People from Surat prefer Mumbai for the Best Hair Transplant?

  • Specialized Clinics: Mumbai a larger city with a more developed healthcare infrastructure, has a higher number of specialized clinics offering hair transplant services. These clinics have more updated technology, experienced surgeons, and a track record of successful procedures, which regularly attract patients from neighbouring cities like Surat.
  • Reputation and Trust: Mumbai is an established hub for medical tourism in India, attracting patients from across the country and abroad. The city's reputation for quality healthcare services, including cosmetic procedures like hair transplants instills trust and confidence in patients seeking hair transplant treatment.
  • Access to Experts: Mumbai is home to some of the country's leading cosmetic surgeons and hair transplant specialists. People from Surat might be willing to travel to Mumbai to consult with renowned experts in the field to get the best natural-looking results.
  • Privacy and Anonymity: Some individuals prefer to undergo cosmetic procedures like hair transplants away from their hometown for privacy reasons. By travelling to Mumbai, they can maintain anonymity and avoid running into acquaintances during their treatment and recovery period.

Overall, while Surat may have its healthcare facilities, some individuals may prefer to travel to Mumbai for hair transplants due to factors like access to specialized expertise, reputation, privacy concerns, and the availability of a wider range of options.

Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic serves many patients from Surat who have received amazing hair transplant outcomes at an economical cost. Although cost is a secondary factor, they prefer Harleys hair transplant as you can get international-level facilities with excellent hair transplant outcomes at an affordable cost.

Dr. Sumit Agrawal: Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Surat

If you are searching for a plastic surgeon to perform your hair transplant treatment and want it to be affordable, then get an amazing hair transplant by Dr. Sumit Agrawal at Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic. He is indeed an Internationally qualified hair Transplant surgeon in Mumbai & Dubai. 
Key Attributes That Make Dr. Sumit Agrawal the Best are:

  • Dr. Sumit Agrawal is one of the best hair transplant surgeons in the country, and his work has been appreciated worldwide in the Hair transplant fraternity.
  • He is a qualified and highly experienced Plastic surgeon who has performed more than 2500 hair transplant surgeries with excellent outcomes and a high success rate.
  • He has amazing surgical skills and extraordinary knowledge which helps him to deliver high-density hair transplant outcomes.
  • He performs every hair transplant surgery on his own, to give the best possible results. He does only one hair transplant surgery in a day, unlike some other clinics that operates two surgeries under the name of a senior hair transplant surgeon.
  • He is extremely calm & compassionate towards his patients and believes in replying to all of their queries before starting the Hair Transplant procedure.
  • He is updated with the recent techniques being introduced worldwide and has adopted them in his surgical practice. He has been well-appreciated by the national and international patients for his acumen.
  • His expertise is in planning an extremely natural-looking hairline which is undetectable & offers high-density hair transplant results.

If you are looking for an expert hair transplant doctor in Surat then definitely Dr. Sumit Agrawal is worth consulting as you can be assured and trust for the best-desired hair transplant outcomes. He prefers the holistic approach to hair restoration and decides the technique based on individual requirements.
Dr. Sumit Agrawal is an active member of various national and international societies and forums including the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), Member of Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (UK), the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI) and Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons India (AHRS).

During the day of your hair transplant procedure, you can expect the following:

  • Preparation: When you arrive at the clinic, you'll be greeted by the staff and taken to your room. Here, you will be asked to change into a surgical gown. The Nurses will review the procedure with you and answer any questions you may have.
  • Pre-Procedure Marking: Before the surgery begins, the surgeon will mark the donor and recipient areas on your scalp. He will discuss with you the planning of the hairline. This helps guide the transplantation process and ensures precise placement of the grafts.
  • Anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia will be administered to numb both the donor and recipient areas of your scalp. This ensures that you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. You may also be offered anxiolytic to help you relax during the surgery.
  • Extraction of Grafts: Depending on the chosen technique (FUT or FUE), the surgeon will begin the extraction process. For FUE, individual follicular units will be extracted one by one using a motorized punch whereas for FUT a strip is taken to extract the donor hair.
  • Graft Preparation: After extraction, the grafts will be carefully prepared for implantation. Technicians will sort the grafts based on the No. of follicles and quality to ensure optimal results.
  • Recipient Site Creation: Tiny incisions on recipient sites will be created with a fine needle or blade, and the surgeon will prepare the bald areas of the scalp for graft placement. The angle, depth, and orientation of these incisions are crucial for achieving a natural-looking result.
  • Graft Placement: Once the recipient sites are prepared, the surgeon and their team will begin implanting the grafts into these sites. They will pay close attention to the density, pattern, and direction of hair growth to achieve a close integration with your existing hair.
  • Post-Procedure Instructions: After the transplant is completed, the surgeon will provide you with post-operative care instructions. This may include information about medications, activity restrictions, and how to care for your scalp in the days following the procedure.
  • Discharge: Once you've been given all the necessary instructions, you'll be discharged from the clinic. You may need someone to drive you home, as you may still be feeling the effects of the anaesthesia.

The length of the procedure can vary depending on the extent of the transplantation and the number of grafts done. It's essential to follow your surgeon's advice carefully to ensure a successful recovery and optimal results.

Why is Harleys Clinic Unique and Different From Other Hair Transplant Clinics?

Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic is well known for its excellence in the field of hair transplant and has a distinct identity which has made us unique from the crowd of peer hair transplant clinics as follows:

  • We have been the leading hair transplant clinic in Mumbai and Dubai for 15 years.
  • Harley Hair Transplant Clinic is a sought-after destination by celebrities for hair transplants, as we deliver absolutely natural-looking results.
  • At Harleys Clinic, we offer world-class services and maintain international hygiene standards to ensure the best and most comfortable experience of hair transplant.
  • We are equipped with the latest technology like Sapphire blades, and Implanter which ensures the perfect outcomes and detailing for natural hair transplant results.
  • Our surgeon Dr. Sumit Agrawal the chief hair transplant surgeon, is a Plastic Surgeon by training. His expert skills and artistic vision are visible in the flawless outcomes he delivers.
  • We maintain strict hygiene and safety protocols as per ISO 9001 which are the essential requirement to perform a surgical procedure, to avoid unfavouarable outcomes.
  • At  Harleys Clinic, an advanced hair transplant clinic, all the hair transplants are personally performed by Dr Sumit Agrawal, unlike other branded clinics where novice doctors with basic MBBS, and BDS     qualifications are hired to do the job under the name of a reputed hair transplant surgeon.
  • We have an experienced team of OT Nurses who assist the surgeon during the entire procedure. The Chief Nurses & OT assistant have been with us for more than 10 years now.     
  • At  Harleys Clinic, we use the best technology to perform the hair transplant procedure. To provide assured outcomes with maximum possible hair density and natural looking hair-line.
  • With Harleys Clinic hair transplant clinic you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

We are doubtlessly one of the best in the field of hair transplant in India and have received multiple awards in national and international forums for our excellence. So, if you are in search of the best Hair Transplant in Surat then you can contact us to receive the best hair transplant results at an economical cost at Harley Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai and Dubai.

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