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Hair microfibers offer a quick and fully natural method that helps to visually increase the hair density. Due to electrostatic & chemical bonding, natural microfibres are able to attach to the existing hair. These are easy to spray and enhance the thickness immediately.


Microfibre is synthetic fibre which is finer than a human hair. It is meant to camouflage the balding areas of the head by enveloping each hair to quickly restore hair volume and density. Some of the major benefits of using Microfibres technique:


  1. Hides hair loss
  2. It makes thin hair look thick and full
  3. Excellent as a root-touch up between colourings
  4. Quickly adjusts in thinning areas

Note: The above mentioned techniques for hair restoration are effective, but only to some extent and cannot match the level of results delivered by hair transplant in India.


There are different causes of hair loss in males & females. For the most effective and permanent solution for baldness, you need to visit Harleys Hair Transplant and meet Dr. Sumit Agrawal for consultation. Dr. Sumit Agrawal will explain you all the options available for hair restoration and suggest the best method that suits your case.

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