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5 Most Common Reasons For Hair Loss In Women

5 Most Common Reasons For Hair Loss In Women

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Jul, 22 2016

One of the worst things in life for women is to experience baldness. A lady’s hair is the substance of her magnificence, and the effects of hair loss are a severe blow to a woman’s self esteem and confidence. Hair loss in women occurs due to various reasons.

Have a look at some of the most common reasons for hair loss in women.

  • Stress

Anxiety or stress is one of the top reasons for hair loss in females. Balding for the most part happens three months after a stressful & upsetting occasion has happened in your life and it might take three months after the period has finished for the hair development to resume. If the individual does not have a family history of hair loss, then most of the times it is temporary. In any case, anxiety might start the process of hereditary hair loss or might increase the existing problem. The treatment to reduce anxiety is the is to relax and unwind. When you feel the stress is starting to affect your health, just take a step back and relax.

  • Dieting

Hair loss in women may happen because of extreme dieting. Over the years, diet plans, which are outlined or controlled by a dietician with recommended vitamins, number of meals, and dietary supplements have become quite popular. Many times these eating regimens confine numerous key vitamins and minerals vital for healthy hair from reaching the body. One of the greatest issues some of these dieting plans have is the reduction of fat. Various researches have demonstrated that low intake of fat can increase the rate of hair loss.

  • Pregnancy

Hair loss associated with pregnancy happens after the delivery of the child. Amid pregnancy, a high number of hairs move to resting stage, which is a part of usual cycle. Post-pregnancy hair loss can occur in a few women and might cause bald spots. Only in some cases permanent baldness occurs.

  • Hair Care Products

Females frequently utilize a wide range of various hair products on their hair. Some of these hair care products are shampoos, hair colours, hair sprays, gels, conditioners and different types of hair enhancers. While each of these products is marketed for their various advantages for hair, they simply fail to report the negative side of using these products excessively.

  • Hormones

Hormonal issues are one the most widely recognized reasons for hair loss in females. An unbalanced level of the female hormones, for example, androgen and estrogen are most regularly connected as the reason for hair loss among women.

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