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A Glimpse of Hair Transplant In India

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Sep, 23 2015

One of the best substitutions currently available for the problem of hair loss is hair transplantation. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure, so you need to consider every point before opting for this treatment. Also, you need to visit the top hair transplant surgeons in India to get high-quality results, remember, every hair transplant surgeon has different level expertise.

Carefully study the hair transplant procedures, and the surgeon who will carry out the surgery is crucial for the process. Selecting the best clinic for hair transplant in India to ensure favourable results is also quite essential. The crucial components in getting a great transplant will be the surgeon’s ability, the method applied, and if you’re eligible for the procedure.

Hair transplant procedure has become possible only because not every part of your head has to deal with hair loss pattern. The hair follicles at the sides and the back of the scalp are not prone to hair loss. Hair transplant in India includes getting skin with hair follicles from the sides and back of the scalp and re-inserting them into the bald regions of the head. These live follicles will continue growing in areas where hair loss problem was common.

Many transplant grafts could be necessary to get enough content for balding spots. Hair transplant done by the best hair transplant surgeon in India will make the head look full with hair, although pre-baldness density is hard to achieve.

People with fairly steady hair loss, especially older than 30 years of age, are best candidates for this surgical procedure. If the method is carried out before the balding stops then it will be difficult to determine that how much hair loss will happen even after the surgery. To have an effective hair transplant in India, it is crucial that the surgery generates a natural looking outcome.

The more compact grafts that are generally employed nowadays are fairly more natural, yet might not copy the hairline most people wish for. However, by transplanting follicular units it can be ensured that the hair grows in the same pattern.

1 to 4 follicles are used to make these units including tissues, nerves, blood vessels and the supporting cells. With help of a microscope and latest technologies, the best hair transplant surgeon in India will ensure that follicular units will remain intact to achieve highly natural effects from the surgery.

The receiver location for the follicular units is prepared by applying a needle to produce little holes in the head. Then gently and carefully the grafts are inserted in holes. This is the reason why you must visit the best hair transplant surgeon in India who can do the procedure carefully. The top hair transplant surgeons in India will ensure that the follicular units are not damaged and applied on the scalp perfectly.