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Are the results of hair Transplant Permanent

Are the results of hair Transplant Permanent?

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Oct, 07 2022

This is one of the basic queries about Hair Transplants which everyone has before starting the search for the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai. And it's quite genuine because the procedure involves efforts in terms of both time & money. Here we will briefly mention about why Hair Transplant results are permanent. 


Embryologically or genetically, the origin of hair of the front & top scalp is different from the origin of back and side hair. So, all your hair on the scalp looks similar, but they are genetically different. The front and top hair are genetically sensitive to DHT hormone, which is the primary cause of hair fall. And this sensitivity is highly variable from person to person and may differ in twin brothers also. In older people or advanced grade of baldness, even after losing front & top hair. The back and side hair keep on growing well. Because the back and side hair are genetically programmed to be not sensitive to DHT, they don’t get affected by DHT blood levels. It’s a universal rule and applied to every male.


These roots in the back and side scalp are selectively picked up & transplanted in the front & top areas of the scalp. These transplanted roots retain their original characteristic of being insensitive to DHT. This hair then grows forever. The only exceptions are when the hair falls because of skin conditions like Frontal fibrosing Alopecia, Lupus, and Cicatricial Alopecia.


But this doesn’t mean you are sorted out forever. It's because the existing or remaining hair at the top and front of the scalp is still genetically programmed to fall. And when they fall, new areas of hair loss appear, which can be delayed by medical treatment. But you may still require another session of transplant in the future. As with ageing, the transplanted hair will also grey and thin out.

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