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Avoid These 20 Things After Hair Transplant

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Mar, 08 2018

Hair transplant surgery is undoubtedly one of the best ways to re-grow hair on a bald scalp. However, just like any other cosmetic surgical procedure, it also needs to be taken seriously.


Here’s a list of 20 things that you need to avoid completely after getting a hair transplant treatment:

  1. Try not to rest or sleep flat on the bed for the initial three days after the surgery
  2. Stay away completely from any form of alcohol after the surgery
  3. Try not to apply tap water over the treated area
  4.  Try not to do overwhelming activity, weightlifting, extreme exercise, gaming or yoga for one month
  5.  Try not to twist down or forward to tie laces of your shoes or to get items from the floor the initial three days
  6.  Try not to utilize hair dryer
  7.  Try not to scratch the treated site with your finger-nail
  8. Make sure that the teeth of your brush don’t touch the operated area while brushing
  9.  Try not to apply any ice or icy-pack over the operated site, forehead or any other area of your face
  10.  Try not to stroke the recipient area with bandages from forward to backward direction
  11.  Stay away from steam or sauna bath for up for 15 days
  12.  Try not to utilize any type of shampoo, washing solution or antiseptic other than what is provided/suggested by the surgeon
  13. You can utilize your personal loose cap or hat after a week of operation or you can wear a soft cloth. Quite often, hair transplant clinics offer specially designed caps that are best for transplant patients. However, you should wear them only at outdoors.
  14.  Try not to wear any woolen cap or scarf. Also, you have to avoid wearing the turban for at least 2 months after the surgery. Avoid wearing any type of helmet for at least 6 to 8 months after the treatment.
  15.  Make sure that the cap or cloth should not touch the treated area excessively or for a longer time. Always remove the cap by lifting it from back to front.
  16.  Try not to go to the hair stylist or barber for a 2 months after the surgery.
  17.  If dandruff occurs, use the special shampoo that’s recommended by the hair transplant surgeon.
  18.  Don’t colour your hair at least 3 months after the surgery.
  19. If the facial hair is the donor site, don’t shave that area for 15 days after the hair transplant treatment.
  20.  After the initial 15 days of the surgery, try not to keep the hair covered with a cap unnecessarily. Give them air for a healthy development.

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