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Can Fruits Improve Hair growth?

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Sep, 04 2018

Yes, Fruits do help in improving hair growth; the problem is that we don’t know what fruits to include in our diet to improve not only the health of our hair but also helps in improving our overall health.


What happens is when we, realize that we are losing a lot of hairs, we immediately rush to an experienced hair transplant surgeon that can help us in restoring our lost hair through medication, but what we don’t realize that the medication the doctors prescribes us include vitamins, minerals, proteins and other supplements that balance our hormonal changes and stimulate the hair growth, but if you want to reduce and restore the hair loss naturally, if you are not on the verge of getting bald, here are some fruits that you can include in your diet to improve the intake of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other supplements that are necessary for healthy hair growth.



Not only has a great sourced of vitamin C, responsible for healthy and shiny hair growth, but daily one orange intake can improve the requirement of beta-carotene, magnesium and flavonoids. These are the main ingredients responsible for boosting hair growth.



Who dint has heard of “AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS DOCTOR AWAY” but the importance of including apple in your daily diet does not end here only. Apple is the source of phenolic compound, biotin, fibres, vitamin and antioxidant, these ingredients are required to stimulate hair growth and it also helps in strengthening the roots of your hairs.



If you are low with your energy levels, you Doctor will always advise you to include banana in your diet plan. This is a magical fruit it cannot only rescue you with your low energy levels, but it is a great source of potassium, Vitamin A and a lot of other minerals that will not only help you in restoring your lost hair but will also help in stimulating new, shiny and healthier hair.



Pineapple is a great source of beta-carotene, which is when broken down during our digestion process, it is converted in Vitamin A, which is required to produce oils in our body that help in improve our head scalp health. So including Pineapple in our diet plan on a regular basis not only help in improving our body digestion system and overall body health with the help of Vitamin C in it, but it also stimulates hair growth naturally.



A great source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants required for stimulating healthy hair growth, Grapes not only help in improving hair growth, but the water content available in the fruit also help in detoxifying our body from harmful material responsible for hair loss.



A great source of biotin, biotin is a steroid prescribed by the doctor to stimulate quick hair growth, including peaches in your diet regularly will reduce hair loss problems to a great extent.



If you have dandruff, you need to be a bit proactive as dandruff can lead to a poor scalp health which can further result in hair loss. Including Guava which is high in Vitamin A not only help you in improving hair growth, but it also helps in the functioning of mucous membrane, that can help you in getting rid of your dandruff problems.



Who don’t knows the benefits of Amla, this fruit is almost used in all the hair oils that claim, to restore hair loss and stimulate hair growth, it has pigments that help in curing grey hairs, so if you don’t want those grey shades of hairs, do include Amla in your daily diet.

Include these fruits in your diet plan on a regular basis; this will for sure improve your hair health naturally.