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Early Signs That Indicate You Are Going Bald

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Aug, 09 2018

When people around you start misidentifying you from someone else older to you just because of your thinning hair, it’s time for you to take some serious steps to regain your lost hairs. You can contact Harleys hair transplant clinic any time you want to by filling our contact us form


As per our analysis, 20 is the average age of patients who start experiencing hair loss and have the possibility of being bald if they have a family history of bald people.


Early signs of baldness

Pillow & Towel Check: The fact is that we shed 50 to 100 hairs every day, and they grow again, but if in case you are experiencing more than usual hair shedding on your pillow or after a shower when you towel dry your hairs and found a lot of hairs on the towel, it’s time to consult an expert.


Flacky & itchy scalp: Get your fingers on your scalp and try to scratch your scalp gently, if you feel like a thin layer or residual coming out or if you feel itchy all the time on your scalp, you should consult a hair expert immediately, though this sign is not directly related to balding, in the long run, it can damage your scalp.


Temple hairs: The area both sides of your forehead is considered as temple this is the first place where the sign of baldness can be seen in the very beginning, take a close look of your temple area and compare the density of hairs on the temple area with hairs density on both sides of your head. If the temple area density is lower than of the side hairs, you will sooner or later get bald.


Top head hair: Analyze your hairs on the top of the head, if your scalp is more visible than other parts of your head, you will soon go bald.


Thin hairs: Some people experience thin hairs with growing age if you feel like you are unable to make a hairstyle that was easy to do earlier for you. This is an early sign that you are getting bald.


M Shape: This is the very early sign of baldness and can be visible in the age group of people less than 20. Take a close look of your forehead and try to imagine an ’M’ on your forehead.


After a haircut: Does it take longer than usual for your hairs to grow after a haircut, usually hairs grow a half inch every month, but if this is not happening in your case, this is a sign of early baldness.


Sudden hair fall: If all of a sudden you see more than usual hair shed during a shower or while combing your hairs. This is also an early sign that you are getting bald.


If you are experiencing any of the early signs of balding mentioned above, the best would be to consult an expert, because the earlier you contact a doctor for your hair loss problems, the easier it is to restore and regain your lost hairs. Harleys Clinic, considered as No. 1 hair transplant clinic will definitely help you in restoring and regaining your lost hairs. Contact us for a consultation today!