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Hair loss and inflammation

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Oct, 05 2019

Hair loss can have a great deal of impact on our quality of living, self-esteem and can also lead to depression and other psychological and mental health issues.


Though hair loss can be triggered by a lot of reasons including genetic, eating habits, life style and many others, what’s interesting is that many of the specialists found inflammation as a common medical cause for hair loss.


Below in this article we will discuss inflammation, can it cause hair loss and Symptoms of hair loss due to inflammation:



It can be explained as body’s immune system that helps in protecting our body cells and organs at time of injuries and illness. Though inflammation can trigger hair loss if not handled properly, reason being when a body experience inflammation the immune system is triggered to fight off any kind of invasion by microorganisms and at times body cells and organs can be considered intruders.


At times hair follicles are intercepted as foreign organisms and are destroyed during Severe Illness by body’s immune system, resulting in inflammation based hair loss or alopecia.


Hair loss due to Inflammation – Symptoms:


Swelling, pain, scalp burning sensation, thinning of hair on scalp, digestive issues such as bloating, gas, constipation, chronic fatigue and a few more are symptoms of hair loss due to inflammation.


Cause of inflammation:


The best way to cure a problem is by learning the cause of the problem:


  1. Viral, fungal or bacterial infection a key cause of hair loss due to inflammation
  2. Allergic reaction can also trigger inflammation, say you might love eating apples and just one day you realized that eating apples is giving you rashes or other gut related medical condition.
  3. Maintain a stress free life as physiological, physical or emotional stress can trigger inflammation
  4. Reduce your exposer to toxins
  5. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, proper sleep, healthy diet & lubricant consumption
  6. Include fiber by adding fruits and green leafy vegetables

if you are suffering from any of the causes mentioned above that can trigger inflammation, there is no need to worry, just calm down and take small steps that can help you in dealing with your problems, or if you find it difficult to tackle your problems. Call our Expert at Harleys hair transplant clinic in Mumbai and fix an Appointment at +91 9320048601+91-22 2630 0749. Our specialist Dr. Sumit will discuss your issues and provide you the best possible solution for your hair loss.