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Hair Transplant After Care

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Oct, 07 2022

It’s a common myth that much care must be taken after a Hair Transplant procedure. Yes, like any surgical procedure, there are some do’s and dont’s that need to be taken care of after hair transplant surgery. But are convenient to manage. Here is a brief about the maintenance required after Hair Transplant. 


The Hair Transplant procedure is done under Local Anaesthesia, so you are conscious throughout the procedure. Listening to music or watching videos during the day. You will get short breaks for coffee and lunch in between, as it takes approx. 5-6 hrs for the procedure. At the end of the day, you can walk out of the procedure room with a head bandage and surgical cap. You are supposed to be careful while walking out, not to bang your head. Avoid bending down to pick up shoes or anything from the floor. Be cautious of overheads in the washroom. Avoid jerky & sudden movements. Your ride back home should be slow & smooth. You can’t drive yourself for at least a week. And can wear a helmet after 10 days.


Your doctor will prescribe you pain medicines, antibiotics & anti-inflammatory pills. It is essential to take medication as per the prescribed schedule. The staff Nurse will explain to you the regular use of a saline spray on the grafted area for the first week. A bandage will be on the head's back to cover the donor area. It would be best if you were careful the bandage shouldn’t come out during sleep. You are advised to take a rest on the day after the procedure. Keep the head in an elevated position by using 1 or 2 pillows during sleep. The transplanted area should not touch the headboard. Avoid touching the scalp. Maintain a safe distance from young kids and pets. The bandage will be changed a day after the procedure.


After the second day, you are asked to take a head bath with lukewarm water. No soap and shampoos in the first week. After the bath, gently dabbing and drying the scalp are to be done with a clean towel. And then, apply Antibacterial cream to the donor area only. The daily head bath with lukewarm water needs to be continued for 5 days, after which you are allowed to use a mild shampoo. Shampooing is an important step in after care and will ensure scalp flakes & crusts get removed. 


Other necessary steps after a hair transplant or any other surgery are -


To avoid consumption of alcohol & smoking for atleast a week.


Do not exercise or engage in strenuous activity for atleast 2 weeks after the HT procedure -avoid swimming and sun exposure for atleast 3 weeks, wear a cap outdoors -avoid hair colour and haircut for atleast a month.


There will be some swelling in the forehead area & around the eyes from the 3rd to 5th day. So, you are advised to plan a week off from your schedule for early recovery. You can do Ice sponging to help swelling reduce fast. Your prescription already has anti-inflammatory medicines for decreasing the swelling.


The outside station patient can travel back home after 2 days. They have to wear a cap during the travel. Avoid lifting heavy weights & take a rest for the first week at home. The second follow-up is at 10 days, which can be done online also.