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Hair Transplant Before and After Transformations 2023

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • May, 31 2023

Far-fetched results of hair transplant’s transformations in 2023 are brought to you by the hands of Dr. Sumit Agrawal at Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic!

As per an annual independent survey by Times Lifestyle, Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic has been rated among the top 3 hair restoration clinics in Mumbai, India. Dr. Sumit Agrawal is an award-winning founder of Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic.

Here Are Our Success Stories!!

Harleys Clinic offers the best hair transplant in Mumbai, as thousands of hair loss patients have admired Dr. Sumit Agrawal for unfailingly delivering optimal results for them in hair transplants. He is one of the famed plastic surgeons of Mumbai who consistently refines his techniques to achieve the best results for his patients. He has performed 2500+ hair transplants over the last 14 years of his practice in plastic surgery.

So far, the year 2023 has seen some spectacular transformations. We love to share our incredible results. *All the photos found on this page are of patients who have given their consent on the photo/video release form. This means you can see only a fraction of the patients of Dr. Sumit Agrawal*.

Here we will share some of the amazing transformations in recent years:

Case Story 1: Successfully Transplanted 1,614 Hair Grafts and 2,642 Hair



This young client visited our clinic, wishing to restore his deep receding hairline. He had started losing his hair at the age of 25 but due to his ignorance, his hairline recession gradually became worse. He has been in airline crew service for the past many years which makes him quite concerned about hair loss.

During his initial consultation with Dr. Sumit Agrawal, he was confirmed to be a patient of male pattern baldness and was graded to be at Stage 3 on the Norwood Scale. Following a thorough evaluation of his scalp condition and folliscope examination, he recommended a FUE hair transplant to restore his frontal hairline and cover the thinning and bald sections of his frontal scalp.

Dr. Sumit Agrawal & team transplanted a total of 1,614 hair grafts and 2,642 hair over a 5 hours session in a day. Firstly, his frontal scalp region was focused, and then his hairline. Motorized FUE extraction was done using 0.8 & 0.9 mm punches.

The client was also recommended oral and topical medications and other non-surgical hair restoration solutions and other non-surgical hair restoration solutions like growth factor therapy and mesotherapy to help maintain his existing hair volume. We are sharing his pictures 1 year after he got an FUE hair transplant. He got happy seeing his natural-looking hairline, without looking obvious that he had undergone some treatment for hair loss.

Case Story 2: Successfully Transplanted 2,160 Hair Grafts and 4,514 Hair



This 30-year-old client KB had been experiencing hair loss in his front & mid-scalp area. He had a severe hairline recession and sparse or no hair on the top of his head. He visited our clinic hoping to regain his confidence with a head full of hair. His interest was to rebuild his hair density and achieve a natural-looking hairline.

On Consultation & Folliscope examination by Dr. Sumit Agrawal, he was graded to be at Norwood stage 4. After his full assessment, he was advised that an FUE Hair Transplant would be possible to cover his mid-scalp and frontal hairline area with healthy hair.

In his case, a total of 2,160 grafts and 4,514 hair were extracted by a motorized micro-punching tool and implanted one by one into the holes created at the recipient sites of his scalp. All this was done in a 6 hr session in a day.

The photos shown here are of him after 1 year of him receiving an FUE hair transplant. The patient is impressed and confident enough with his new, thicker, fuller-looking hair line that best matches his age.

Case Story 3: Successfully Transplanted 3,138 Hair Grafts and 5,667 Hair Follicles



This 29-year-old patient SR visited our clinic at the end of the year 2022 with an advanced grade of hair loss. His concern was his old-aged look which made him feel depressed and avoid social gatherings. He has baldness running in his family and since his early 20s, he had been noticing hair fall.

He consulted Dr. Sumit Agrawal who after his complete assessment graded his scalp condition to be at Stage 5 on Norwood Scale. Following his consultation, it was decided that a long-lasting FUE hair transplant session possibly involving the use of more than 3,000 grafts would be effective in his case. After his surgery, he was able to cover his front, mid, and most of the crown sections of the scalp. To help manage his desired results and let new hair stay for lifelong, he was even recommended to use hair growth-encouraging oral and topical medications.

Dr. Sumit Agrawal performed an FUE Hair Transplant procedure using 3,138 grafts (5,667 hair follicles) for his hair restoration, successfully adding more density to the front, mid, and crown portions of the scalp. It was done in a 9 hour session in a day.

The client’s photographs of the operated areas of the head were taken 1 year after his hair transplant surgery. It reveals an incredible transformation contributing to his more youthful appearance. He got excellent coverage of his scalp and a well-defined hairline. As with all our patients, he was advised to continue taking oral & topical medicines to help maintain his desired results.

Is Hair Transplant Safe?

Yes, Hair Transplant is, by and large, a safe cosmetic procedure with minimal complications. However, like any other surgery, hair transplantation can have a few rarely-occurring risks such as bleeding, pain, infection, scarring, death of tissues, the opening of wounds, etc. In some patients, long-term side effects such as hair thinning, numbness, and scarring can be seen. All such dangerous complications are mostly because the patients are getting treated by the hands of quacks. The side effects are even seen in patients who undergo hair transplantation even if they are not a candidate for it.

But, the best part of a hair transplant is that such risks can be prevented by a good and expert hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai like Dr. Sumit Agrawal. There are hardly any possibilities of serious issues with the procedure of a hair transplant when it is carried out by a qualified and experienced surgeon. Our reputed hair restoration surgeon at Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic, a renowned hair transplant clinic in Mumbai, holds a great wealth of knowledge and experience in hair transplant surgeries. To know more, schedule a visit today!