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Hair Transplant: Do You Need It or Not?

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Mar, 30 2015

With advancement in the medical field, hair transplant surgery has become quite common these days. For so many people hair loss is such a big problem, but with hair transplant, they can get their hair back.

Undergoing a hair transplant surgery might be a big decision in your life and it should be considered out of impulse. Various aspects may affect your decision whether to have or not to have the hair transplant in Mumbai. Here are some points you can consider before the surgical procedure:

  • Are you very particular about your hair?

If your hair is falling at quite a higher rate then you should certainly take some measures to solve the problem. When a person thinks way too much about appearance then he/she might be able to focus on other important things and stress levels will surely increase.

  • Are you becoming incompetent in work because of your hair condition?

People who excessive conscious about falling hair hand how it is affecting their appearance become paranoid. Such people start top thinking that others also think same about them and consider people with no hair inferior. You should definitely consider taking some action about your falling hair if you feel suddenly inferior due to baldness.

  • Are you affected with how your hair looks while socialising?

If you are quite affected and concerned about your hair every time going out socialising then there’s a high chance that your confidence will go down and you’ll fail to enjoy yourself. Your only focus will on balding here rather than on conversations with other people.

  • How much time do you spend every day in front of the mirror looking at your head?

People who are highly concerned about their appearance due to balding heads are usually more susceptible and spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. If you’re facing a similar problem then you need to take some steps to solve this issue. Hair transplant is the best choice to get hair back on your head.

  • Are you comfortable around people or opposite sex?

People facing baldness problem often find it quite difficult or get conscious around people, especially around opposite sex. This happens mostly because people suffering from bald start thinking that others will look at them with contempt.

  • How hair transplant in Mumbai can transform your life?

You need to consider all the points to find out what you want and whether having the hair transplant is the right decision for you or not. Remember, hair transplant will not only improve your appearance but also increases your confidence.