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How Men Can Deal With Traction Alopecia?

How Men Can Deal With Traction Alopecia?

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Dec, 07 2017

Traction alopecia is one of the major reasons for hair loss, especially for women with curly hair. Extremely tight hairdos have mostly remained in fashion for many decades now because of the smooth look that it provides.


Then again, for females with curly hair, keeping their hair in a natural state can be really inconvenient, and hair follicles require a stronger strength to be exerted to keep them in an ideal shape.


In this way, tight ponytails wrapped on the head or the neck, weaves, raids, corn rows, and even the weight of expansions can harm hairs and expel the follicles out of their foundations. As the hair gets pulled mostly at the hairline and edges, these are the territories that develop early signs of hair loss.

  • Traction Alopecia In Women

Tight and extreme hairdos have come in trend as of late for individuals of all hair surfaces, including people with straight and wavy strands.

Different types of hairstyles such as chignon or even the twist sported mostly by working ladies can apply enough weight on the scalp to cause permanent loss of hair. Indeed, even before, the pins utilised by women to keep their caps attached to their heads resulted in a tension hair loss. Because of moving trends in men’s grooming in standard and sub-societies, tension balding is not anymore just a woman’s issue.

  • The Man Bun Hairstyle Of The Younger Generation

Since the last 3 to 4 years, Man-bun has emerged as a common type of hairstyle all over the world, and even in India. Despite the fact that it is a change regarding social appropriation, this hairdo can prove to be harming to the scalp.


The force in which the hair is pulled into a topknot or a half knot can even tear follicle around the hairline and edges, and this may result in permanent loss of hair. In reality, since 2016 when the fashion of Man-bun reached its popularity, numerous young fellows have faced male pattern baldness with the signs of traction alopecia.


  • How To Deal With Traction Alopecia

If you’re able to detect traction alopecia, then it can be treated by first stopping the Man-bun hairdo.


For some later stages, the main cosmetic treatment is hair transplant. The most well-known techniques utilised by hair restoration specialists are FUT (follicular unit transplant) and FUE (follicular unit extraction).


FUT surgeries include an extraction of skin strip on the back of the scalp, keeping in mind the goal to extract follicles, which leaves a visible scar if the hair is cut short. On the other hand, FUE surgeries are far less invasive and utilise a punch machine to extract follicular units without expelling a whole strip of skin. Fortunately, with the help of FUE hair restoration treatment, men can now easily re-establish their hair.

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