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How Painful FUE Hair Transplant Procedure Really Is?

How Painful FUE Hair Transplant Procedure Really Is?

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Mar, 12 2018

So if you have landed here, you might have searched for the latest hair transplant solutions (FUE) or follicular unit extraction, how painful FUE hair transplant treatments could be or you are worried about the pain involved after the FUE hair transplant procedure, Right!


This is a very common question that every prospective hair transplant patient is worried about before and after the hair transplant procedure.


As we all know that every person is different from other, while he/she deals with any kind of pain, so it is very difficult to exactly tell you, what level of pain you might experience during or after the FUE procedure.

If you have searched for images or videos related to the FUE hair transplant treatment, you might have come across images of people having head scalp with a lot of red dotted wounds or might have seen videos of hair transplant procedure, where the hair transplant surgeon is continuously pinching hairs in the scalp, though it looks very painful, actually it is not.


In this article, we will give you a basic idea, about the FUE procedure, amount of pain involved during the hair transplant procedure and how long it might take to recover fully from the pain.

About (FUE) or follicular unit extraction procedure:

Step 1: Dr. Sumit Agrawal, one of the top hair transplant surgeons, will first analyze, your scalp and find out a proper donor area. The donor area is the place on your head scalp from where hairs will be extracted to reconstruct your hairline.

Step 2: Once the donor area is confirmed, local anesthetic injections will be injected around the donor area to make it numb; you might feel a pinch while the anesthesia injection is given, but after that, you will feel no pain During the FUE procedure.

Step 3: Individual hair follicles will be extracted from the donor area and will be implanted in the area where you have lost a significant amount of hairs or might be bald.

Step 4: You will be given aftercare instructions and painkiller and other healing medicines for a few days, and after that, you can go back home on the same day. You will be called after a few days for post-FUE hair transplant checkups to measure the improvements. Though you can call us anytime if, you feel any kind of discomfort after the hair transplant procedure. 


So, How Painful FUE Hair transplant procedure really is?

As at the beginning of the FUE procedure, our hair transplant specialist at Harleys clinic in Mumbai applies local anesthesia to the scalp, which might feel like a pinch but after a few minutes, the patient will almost feel no pain at all during the hair transplant procedure.


Pain after an FUE hair transplant

It totally depends upon the number of grafts and differs from individual to individual as healing process may vary from person to person, for some it might be for a few days and for some it might make take a week.

Usually, scalp pain after the FUE procedure last for a week or two, but if a patient is experiencing some kind of unusual pain, he/she may immediately consult his hair transplant surgeon

Though the pain after the FUE procedure will be managed by giving proper dosage of painkillers, so the patient absolutely feels no pain



As it is impossible to have any procedure without pain, but if pain during or after a hair transplant procedure is your main concern, we would like you to contact hair transplant doctors, at the best hair transplant clinics, so we can properly consult you and tell you more about the FUE hair transplant procedure.

We make your procedure as painless as we can.

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