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How Skills Of Surgeon & Results Of Hair Transplant Are Interconnected?

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Nov, 13 2017

Are you searching for a highly skilled and an experienced hair transplant specialist? Searching the best specialist for your hair restoration procedure is essential. This type of surgery should only be done by expert hair transplant surgeon, and you need to stay away from any quack-doctors who make false claims.


Remember, skills of surgeon and the results of hair restoration procedure are interconnected.


While you can discover a considerable number of hair restoration specialists with a simple Google search – how would you know whether they really have the required skills or not? How would you realise that you can trust them to provide you the most natural looking hairline, and utilise the safest and laser surgical procedures?


Here are a few questions that will help you to find the best surgeon who has all the skills that are required to deliver the most outstanding results. Have a look.


  • What Type Of Transplant Techniques/Procedures Do They Utilise?

In reality, there are truly 2 major hair transplant methods used by specialists to perform restoration:


  1. The FUE (follicular unit extraction)
  2. The FUT (follicular unit transplant), which is also known as the strip surgery

Various surgeons may refer to these by different names – but they’re fundamentally the similar thing. The FUT includes extracting a strip from the donor area, which is mostly on the back and sides of the patient’s head, and afterward gathering the hairs from that to harvest into the balding area on the scalp.


  • What Type Of Hair Thickness Or Density Would They Be Able To Deliver?

You need to ask the surgeon that whether they would be able to give you the type of look that you need? Also, what do they say you can expect from the surgery? For instance, a highly skilled specialist won’t offer you the moon or promise anything unachievable/unrealistic. They’ll give you a sensible view of what you can expect from the outcomes of the restoration procedure.


  • Are There Any Before And After Photographs That You Can See?

Generally, you need to see a sample of the specialist’s work – and the more photographs, the easier it is for you to make a decision. Get a hair transplant from the best surgeon for the best outcomes.


  • For How Long The Specialist Has Been Performing Transplant Surgeries?

The more experience the better results you get. Ensure you feel good with the specialist, his experience and skills matter the most. You can also check his license to perform surgeries. It’s good to visit a surgeon that can offer other cosmetic treatments as well, so that you can get a complete makeover. The skills of the surgeon can provide you a whole new personality with your new natural hair and an attractive body as well.