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How Stress & Depression Connected With Hair Loss?

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Jan, 05 2017

Balding problem cases are increasing a quick rate. Hair loss is quite an emotional issue for many individuals. The feelings and sentiments are connected with baldness. Let’s take a look at how hair loss and emotions are connected with each other.

While observing the emotional part of life, then you’ll find that the balding is an issue that influences the feelings and sentiments of the individual to a great extent. It becomes really challenging for the general population to move ahead in their lives happily alongside this problem.

At the point, when an individual becomes aware with the fact that he is losing his hair, then it becomes quite unpleasant and stressful situation for him or her. However, because of social mind-sets, this problem is more distressing for females as compared to males. There’s no doubt that both the genders want to look beautiful and hairstyle has a significant role in improving the looks.

  • The Show Is Over For Youth

Baldness is something that is more connected with the old age & look. Therefore, for the greater part of the general population, baldness proves to be tragic and horrible experience that affects their emotions notably.

  • Failure To Make Proper Hairstyles

You can’t make your preferred hairdos, which results in disappointment and low self-esteem. Your feelings get hurt when you visit a function or a party and you can’t get a stunning haircut.

  • Disappointment With Looks, Appearance And Body-Image

You may feel disappointed with your looks and appearance. At times, you look cute and delightful, however, you feel really hesitant to attend social gathering and parties since you are not satisfied with your body-image.

  • Zero Self-Esteem

Attractive physical appearance is something that upgrades the confidence and self-esteem of a man or woman. At the point, when an individual isn’t happy with his/her own looks & appearance, then the confidence and self-esteem levels drop to zero.

  • Shame, Embarrassment & Shyness

Various studies and research have found that confidence is directly linked to the beautiful appearance. These studies have also stated that more than 80% of the individuals feel far less confident after they witness baldness problem. After, hair fall problem starts, shame, embarrassment and shyness develop even in a naturally confident person.

  • Depression And Introvert Feelings

At times, because of some tragic or serious illness, individuals lose their hair at a rapid rate. In such cases, people become depressed and introvert in nature. They imagine that others can’t understand their feelings and simply ridicule them. Different studies have found that the general population who are experiencing baldness have an abnormal level of stress, anxiety and depression.

  • How To Get Out Of Depression Caused By Baldness

Hair transplant in India is surely the most reliable and highly effective treatment that can work wonders for people who are suffering from hair loss problem. Hair transplant in Mumbai will get hair back on your head and thus improves your appearance. This improvement in appearance increases confidence and self-esteem of the person and ends stress and depression.