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Low-Light Laser Therapy (LLLT) for Hair Loss

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Dec, 15 2018

LLLT or Low Light Laser therapy for hair loss has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years as a non-surgical hair loss or hair restoration treatment that help both men and women suffering from Androgenetic alopecia or Genetic Baldness.


Records show that people undergoing the LLLT or Low Light Laser therapy has a significant amount of improvement in hair re-growth with thicker and healthier hairs.


What is LLLT or Low-Light Laser Therapy?

LLLT or Low-Light Laser Therapy is a painlessnon-surgical hair restoration treatment, with almost no side effects, it uses low-frequency laser light on the affected area of the patient that encourages hair follicles cell growth, resulting in thicker and healthier hairs.


FDA or Food and Drug Administration have approved LLLT or Low-Light Laser Therapy for both women and men, suffering from genetic hair loss or pattern hair loss, due to which patient hair follicles shrink and go dormant, this eventfully results in slowing down the hair growth rate or stopping hair growth completely.


Other hair loss conditions that LLLT or Low-Light Laser Therapy can help with are Chemotherapy, hair loss after Pregnancy in women or after a Menopause (Menopause is a condition when women menstrual cycles completely stop, typically occurs in between 45 to 50 years of age ) in women


It has been observed that LLLT or Low-Light Laser Therapy has improved results for hair transplant procedures and also have positive impact when complemented with hair restoration treatments such as PRP (Platelet-rich plasma is a therapy where blood is taken from the patient, and after processing the blood, the Platelet-rich plasma is injected directly in the scalp area that needs to increase hair growth) therapy.


LLLT or Low-Light Laser Therapy patient records show that LLLT is even more beneficial than any hair restoration medication.

How LLLT or Low-Light Laser Therapy Works?

During the LLLT or Low-Light Laser Therapy treatment a laser light of specific low wavelength is thrown on the affected area of the scalp that helps the hair follicles to move in the growth phase, this results in encouraging stem cell responsible for hair re-growth.

The laser light escalates flow of blood on the targeted area of the scalp increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients, resulting in healthy and fuller looking hair growth.

Benefits of LLLT or Low-level laser therapy

  1. LLLT or Low-level laser therapy involves no side effects or risk for patients as it’s a non-surgical treatment, though in any case, before you opt for a surgical treatment or non-surgical treatment, you must consult your hair specialist
  2. LLLT or Low-level laser therapy records show that patient not only experienced an improved hair re-growth but also reported improvement in their existing hair.
  3. LLLT or Low-level laser therapy not only help in escalating the process of hair re-growth but also help in decreasing the rate or hair loss
  4. LLLT or Low-level laser therapy can be done at home as a lot of devices are available in the market, but the creditability of such devices is always questionable, so best would be visiting your nearby hair specialist for professional results.

Disadvantages of LLLT or Low-level laser therapy

  1. Its time consuming: Unlike surgical treatments where the hair transplant surgery can be done in one or two sittings, LLLT or Low-level laser therapy requires many sessions during a week, and patients undergoing the treatment must undergo continues sessions for two to three month for experiencing noticeable results, and if you want the result to be permanent you need to attend LLLT or Low-level laser therapy sessions after a gap of specific period for the rest of your life. The best would be discussing it your hair specialist doctor.
  2. LLLT or Low-level laser therapy only effective in early stages for patients affected with genetic-baldness or male or female pattern of baldness

Though LLLT or Low-Light Laser Therapy treatment for hair loss restoration have many advantages over disadvantages, Harleys clinic would recommend you discuss all your doubts with your hair specialist doctor, before you opt LLLT or Low-Light Laser or any other surgical or non-surgical hair restoration treatment.


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