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Reasons for hair fall in early age

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Mar, 26 2021

It’s not unexpected to lose around 100 strands of hair from your head a day. However, losing more could imply that your hair is starting to thin or you may be dealing with some underlying health issues.


Regularly, we consider going bald a condition that plagues more established men, however, there are numerous sorts and reasons for balding that can happen to anybody, paying little heed to your age, sex, or time.

However, few people let their hair untreated while others cover it with scarfs, haircuts, cosmetics, home remedies and some opt for hair gain treatments, hair transplant to gain their
hair back.


Few common reasons for Hair fall


 Family Heredity
This is one of the most common reasons for hairfall found both in men and women also known as androgenic alopecia, it usually occurs gradually in different patterns. This kind of hairfall can be treated by consulting a doctor.

 Hormonal Change
Many medical reasons or life events can be the reason for hair loss such as pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, thyroid or many others. Change in high levels of hormones can lead to excessive hair loss which may be treated over a period of time.

Hair stylings or Cosmetic treatments
Exposure to hair styling products or heat treatments can cause hair damage which will gradually turn into hair fall. Some hair cosmetic treatments may also be one of the reasons for hair fall as it may not be suitable for every hair type.

 Medications or supplements
A side effect of any drug or supplements can lead to major problems and one of them might be hair fall. However, treatments of some health conditions like cancer, arthritis, heart problems may also lead to hair loss.

Types of hair loss
As mentioned above, hair loss can be caused by various personal or medical reasons. People often suffer from different types of hair fall.

 Gradually thinning of hair
This is the common problem of hair loss, at the start hair starts thinning and gradually it turns into hair fall if proper care or medication is not taken. It is recommended to consult a doctor to reduce the chances of hair loss.

 Patchy Bald spots
Some people lose hair in certain parts of the scalp and may also suffer from pain as the skin of that part becomes rough and itchy.

 Sudden loosening of hair strands
Physical or emotional condition can lead to such type of hair loss.This type of hair fall is temporary and can be cured over time by consulting a doctor.


There can be several reasons for hair loss and for that condition age does not matter, It is sometime natural to lose hair and get treatment for the same. We recommend you to consult a
hair specialist before trying any home remedies as it may sometimes cause more hair fall.