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Stop these hair damaging styling habits

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Oct, 06 2018

Before we talk about the hair damaging habits, we need to understand what our hair anatomy is? What a hair life cycle is? And further, we will discuss how these hair damaging styling habits can permanently damage your natural hair structure resulting in partial or complete hair loss.


Understanding hair anatomy: Have you ever seen a bundle of wool, they are so organized, soft, tightly structured in the centre, soft and shiny from the outside, your hair more or less has the same anatomy. Your hair consists of three different layers the outer one is known as ‘cuticle’ this is responsible for the protection of inner hair layers and components those are much fragile. The next two layers are ‘Cortex’ and the inner layer is ‘medulla’.


Understanding hair Life CycleHair loss is a very natural phenomenon and it should happen after a certain period of time so new and healthy hair can grow. This can be explained as plants shed leaves and then when the season comes their leaves came back in full glory and the plant look healthier and fuller.



The same happens with our hair, a normal lifespan for a hair is six years, but this hair lifespan can differ from person to person and once a hair completes its lifespan, it will for sure come out of its follicle.


There is no problem if this hair life cycle continues, every time a hair falls, but at times hair follicles responsible for new hair growth shrinks and or become inactive, this is when a person experiences less hair growth on certain region of your head scalp, and you will feel as if you will go bald.


Hair damaging styling habits

Styling you hairs for gorgeous looks sounds great! but over styling, your hairs can damage the natural hair structure that can damage your scalp and hair follicles permanently. Hair damaging styling habits those you should avoid:


Bleaching: your hairs every now and then can permanently damage the external layer of your hair ‘cuticle’ this means you have exposed the more fragile layer of your hair, when this happens chemicals from bleach penetrate to internal layers and damage the natural hair structure, resulting in split ends, hair breakage and a dull look.


Straightening Or Curling: Many hair stylist use Perms a method in which chemicals are used to straighten or curl your hairs, the chemicals used in the process are very harmful and can damage your hair internal structure. A Perm might make you look the way you want to, but its fur sure will weaken your hair resulting in hair loss.


Highlighters and Colouring: This might sound a great idea to you for hiding those grey shades of hair, but if you overdo it, it for sure will damage the internal hair structure resulting in dry and week hairs.


Brushing: You might be thinking how can brushing damage my hairs or can result in hair loss; the truth is if you over-brush your hairs it can result in split-ends and breakage instead of shiny hairs. One additional this that you should consider is never brush your hairs when they are wet as wet hairs are more elastic and can break easily.


Shampooing: Keeping your hair scalp clean is a good habit, but if you over shampoo your hairs, the natural moisture responsible for healthy hair is lost, resulting in dry hairs, best would be shampooing once a week or if you feel like twice a week, but not more than this.


Conclusion:  As a conclusion, we will suggest that if you want to control the damage right now, reduce the frequency of whatever you are doing more and the next step is to find out product those use more organic supplements, this will for sure help a lot.If you are still not sure what to do! Contact us now for a detailed consultation. Book an Appointment with Harleys Hair transplant Clinic Right NOW! +91 9320048601, +91-22 2630 0749