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The Rise Of Technology In Hair Transplants

The Rise Of Technology In Hair Transplants

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Apr, 08 2017

Innovation improves everything, isn’t that true? With that approach, strategies for hair transplant that utilize robotics to help surgeons perform the treatment isn’t something that can’t be achieved. However, this statement can also vary depending on the situation.

While the latest technologies like, ARTAS and Neo-graft have their own place in the domain of hair transplant surgery, but both of these don’t have the power to replace the skills possessed by a surgeon, nor can these deliver results without supervision of an expert surgeon.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Basics

Follicular unit extraction is the hair transplantation procedure in which both ARTAS and Neo-graft can be used to deliver better results. When FUE is performed by an expert surgeon, the hair follicles are extracted from the scalp one by one. The procedure prevents the long scar that is left by different surgeries, for example, FUT/Strip.

You need to qualify to become ideal candidate for FUE procedure as it is perfect for people who wouldn’t hesitate for a second to shave their scalp for the transplantation procedure, since countless grafts are supposed to be transplanted. The technique is additionally utilized commonly for acquiring hairs for transplantation to the beard and eyebrows.

We need to understand that FUE hasn’t replaced FUT and it just gives another choice to the patients. The same theory goes with ARTAS or Neo-graft which are used by expert surgeons to assist in the FUE hair transplant procedure.

  • What Is ARTAS?

ARTAS is a robotic system that is used in hair transplant surgeries and it is gaining popularity at fast rate. It helps the surgeon to choose which hair follicles are ideal for extraction. Based on its programming, the ARTAS system assesses the hair and picks the follicles that it recognizes to be the best choice for transplantation. These follicles are then harvested by the device from the donor area. It is fast becoming the best hair transplant.

  • What Is Neo-graft

The major difference between Neo-graft and ARTAS is that Neo-graft isn’t computerized or robotic. It is a hand-held gadget intended to add some automation to the hair extraction procedure. Pressure is used by this gadget to extract the follicles from the donor areas. Neo-graft is intended to accelerate the FUE procedure. However, other FUE techniques can remove grafts just as effectively. This device is usually used when FUE procedures are performed on a patient’s scalp for the first time.

Conclusion: We need to keep in mind that there’s really no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to hair transplant in India. There’s also no doubt that a gadget or device such as ARTAS and Neo-graft have lot to offer and should be used by experienced hair transplant surgeons. However, these devices are far away from matching the skills of a qualified surgeon.

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