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Top 4 Questions To Ask Before Hair Transplant Surgery

Top 4 Questions To Ask Before Hair Transplant Surgery

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Feb, 22 2016

Generally, hair loss has become a major problem even among younger generation and females. Some of the most common solutions for baldness are wigs, drugs & prescribed medications and hair transplant surgery. Out of these, only the best hair transplant can offer permanent solution from hair fall problem.

In most of the cases, a strategy with many different aspects or features is required to deal with baldness, but hair transplant in India remains the most definitive solution.

With latest innovations in the scientific and technological field, almost all types of cosmetic surgery procedures, including hair transplant have become almost pain-free and highly effective in achieving almost natural-looking results. Science and technology in the future promises even better results if scientists get success in creating clone for human hair.


If you’re planning to undergo hair transplant in India then you must ask a few questions from the best hair transplant surgeon. It’s quite important that you have a clear mind before opting for any type of cosmetic surgery.

Here are top 4 questions you must ask the surgeon before undergoing the transplant surgery.

  • At What Age Should I Get A Hair Transplant In India?

There is actually no age limit to get hair transplant treatment. Anyone, no matter what’s his/her age is facing the problem of balding can choose to undergo hair transplant surgery. However, it’s important to understand that one should choose transplant treatment only when his/her baldness process stops completely. This should be done to make sure there’s no effect on the hair follicles which have been transplanted on the head.

  • Can Women Have Hair Transplant Surgery?

Of course, with hair transplants surgery even women can achieve excellent results just like men. However, you must consult the best hair transplant surgeon in India who has vast experience in performing this type of surgeries. Some women have to face additional medical issues which might be the reason behind hair loss. It is important to make sure that if there’s any other health issue which is causing hair loss then curing that health problem should be the priority of the doctors.

  • How Head Looks After The Hair Transplant Surgery?

With development of innovative techniques in transplant surgery, there’s no need to use hair plugs and old tactics anymore. The results achieved from latest transplant surgeries look surprisingly good and even an expert hair stylist will fail to figure out that you had a hair transplant surgery.

  • How Long The Results Will Remain?

The transplanted hair will stay on your head and won’t follow the pattern of balding. Generally, the hair transplant treatment delivers permanent solution for baldness, but you must consult the best hair transplant surgeon to determine that you’re an ideal candidate for hair transplant in Mumbai.

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