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Top 7 Myths About Hair Transplant In India

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Mar, 14 2016

Hair loss or baldness is quite a common problem around the world. It’s quite painful for the majority of people to think about the days when they had full hair on their head. Most of the people go into depression due to baldness or the problem of hair loss. However, hair transplant in Mumbai is an amazing and reliable solution for this problem.

The problem arises here is that there are many myths circulating about hair transplant and therefore people look it suspiciously. On the contrary, hair transplant is the most effective, safe and reliable cosmetic surgical procedure that can get hair back on your head.


Here are the top 7 myths about hair transplant. Have a look.

  • Myth Number #1 – Hair Transplantation Is Not Meant For Older People

This argument is completely false and has no scientific base to back it up. The surgeon will check your skin before the surgery and age has simply nothing to do with hair transplant.

  • Myth Number #2 – The Result Of The Surgery Is Easy To Identify

The outcome of the hair transplant in Mumbai will be so elegant and natural looking that hardly anyone will be able to tell if you had a surgery to get hair back on your bald head.

  • Myth Number #3 – Hair Transplant Is Only For Men

False, hair transplant is meant for both men and women. This myth has stopped many women (who suffer from baldness) to choose transplant treatment which can effectively help them to get hair back on their scalp.

  • Myth Number #4 – You Should Not Wash Hair After Transplant

Washing or shampooing hair after hair transplant treatment has no effect on the growth of the hair after the transplant. In fact, you need to keep the head clean to avoid any infections.

  • Myth Number #5 – After The Transplant, You Have To Take Medicines All Your Life

No! The treatment done by the best hair transplant surgeon in India gives permanent hair on your scalp and there’s is simply no need to take medicines all your life.

  • Myth Number #6 – Someone Else’s Hair Can Be Used For Hair Transplant

No, the donor of the hair is the patient itself and nobody else’s hair is used during the transplant surgery. The donor sites are usually the back and sides of the patient’s head where the effects of hair loss are low. Someone else’s hair isn’t used because it might not be accepted by your body and hair transplant can fail to deliver results.

  • Myth Number #7 – Hair Transplant Surgery Is Very Painful

No, it is not painful at all because hair transplant is performed under local anaesthesia and the site being operated will be numbed. You would hardly feel any pain (a little sensation might be felt) and you can go back to your normal routine within a few days after the surgery.