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Top Advantages Of Being Bald for Men

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Sep, 14 2018

Yes! You heard it right, there are a lot of advantages to being bald, that you dint have realized yet, and YES! Harleys Clinic does offer the best hair transplant, that can be a perfect solution for your hair loss problem, though if in any case, you don’t want to have a hair transplant procedure, then there is nothing you need to worry about, you just need to educate yourself the positive side of being bald.


Below here we will discuss a few very Interesting advantage of being bald:


You Save Money: if you already have started experiencing a heavy hair loss and you opt out to go BALD, you can save a lot of money, by not spending them on hair restoration products, though Harleys Clinic offers hair transplant at an affordable cost. Still, if you opt out to go bald. You can save the money, that you will spend on your hair restoration or hair transplant procedure.



Fun fact is that you never have to spend money on hair styling product or for a haircut.


Stress-free life: Hair loss is considered as one of the worst nightmares for many men, the thought that you will go bald can lead to depression and other stress issues, but once you accept your condition it will be easier for you to focus on other important issues in your life.


Fun fact is that you will always wake up without a bad hairstyle and you are always in a ready to go out version of you.


You will always look young: We all know that being bald can make us look older than our age, but once you accept the fact that being bald is good, you will realize you will never have grey hair that will give people the perception that you are ageing, as you will always look the same at any age.


Fun fact is that you can take a quick shower without messing your bathroom floor with your falling hairs.


You look more attractive: If you have a poor hairline due to hair loss and you don’t want to opt for a hair restoration or hair transplant procedure, the best would be to go bald, as when you go bald people now will no more be distracted with your poor hairline and they will find you more attractive, as the poor feature from your face that was your hair is no more there and now your friends will start noticing other attractive features of your face, like eyes, jawline, beard, teeth or could be anything.


Fun fact is that people who are bald actually look more muscular and taller than they actually are.


You will enjoy summers: People who have thick hair, during summers have a common complaint of sweaty, stinking hair and may even experience mild to a heavy headache, and due to access of heat they might feel the need of taking a shower again and again, but when you opt out to go Bald, you need not worry about any such thing.


Fun fact is that you can develop a good sense of fashion for hats and can enjoy styling yourself in summers as well as in winters.


You will always be selfie-ready: We all have that one moment when we were photographed with a weird hairstyle that always was the laughter point from some friend or family trip, but when you opt to go bald, no matter what, you will always look graceful and stylish in any photograph taken, as you don’t have to worry about your hairstyle any more.


Remember those sudden morning selfies.


No matter what you opt out being bald or to get treated for your hair loss problems, you can always visit Doctor Sumit At Harleys Clinic in Mumbai, he will help you out with the best solution for your problems.