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What’s The Ideal Age For Hair Transplant?

What’s The Ideal Age For Hair Transplant?

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • May, 10 2017

Hair transplant surgeons are repeatedly asked two questions:

1) What’s the Golden Age of getting a hair transplant treatment?

2) Am I too young for a hair transplant?

Well, in reality there’s no such age to get a hair transplant surgery! However, there might be a few risks related with getting a restoration surgery when a patient is too young (late teenage or early 20S).

It’ quite unfortunate to know that some young men in their early 20s (some even in their late teenage years) have to face baldness problem due to genes and Male Pattern Baldness (MPB).

Most of these young men want instant results and wish to look good immediately. They often fail to realize that a surgery at such a young age might leave them looking strange or scarred as their age progresses.

Obviously, we all think about our hair and appearance even after surpassing our forties. It is normal for top hair transplant surgeons in India to perform hair restoration surgery for men in their sixties, and even seventies.

That’s the reason it’s essential that hair specialists should be ethical and responsible, and can help & guide patients when their own tensions make them unable to settle on a safe decision for themselves.

The issue with getting restoration surgery under the age of 25 years is that male pattern baldness is still active and in progression. Also, the there’s a limited supply of the donor hair that is used in the surgery. This is a major problem for young individual who lose hair early, since there’s a strong possibility that they’ll be facing an extensive hair loss in near future.

The 20s is quite a crucial decade for people as they make relationships, search for jobs, and try to make a place for themselves in this competitive and cruel world. This makes them quite vulnerable as well. Having the additional stress of baldness at such a young age is unimaginably troubling and it is nothing unexpected that these patients search for any type of treatment that offers results.

By and large, individuals who are exceptionally stressed and bothered by their baldness at such a young age often request for a low, solid, straight hairline. They’re often inspired by the hairstyles of celebs and sports persons. These hairstyles might look good for 1 or 2 years, but as hair loss rate increases, they will look unnatural and stupid.

Young people who are facing baldness problem should wait for the time when the MPB problem is over, and then comes the right time when they should get a hair transplant in Mumbai. Imagine a young person in his 20S, who’s facing hair loss problem and he opts for transplant surgery before the hair fall problem isn’t over, then for 1 or 2 years his hair will good after the surgery, but as time progresses the hairline will recede and the whole transplant will appear ridiculous.

At Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic, we take all the necessary steps and give advice to young patients to protect them from making rash decisions that might end up causing them far more distress in their life later.

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