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What Are The Causes Of Baldness and How To Treat It?

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Oct, 06 2015

Hair loss is probably the most prevalent ailments impacting above 75% of the entire inhabitants of the world at some period of time in their lives. Androgenic alopecia is one of the most frequent types of hair loss, which has an effect equally on adult males and females but is worse in men. If you’re also suffering from the problem of baldness then the only permanent solution is hair transplant treatment in Dubai.

If neglected, hair loss can cause baldness, which may completely destroy your self-esteem, affect your confidence, which may, in the long run, have really serious impacts on your behaviour and approach.


What Causes Baldness?

Baldness in men is generally related to genes and hormonal activities in the body, that are no question 2 of the most common reasons of hair fall that leads to baldness. However, there are many other reasons which can trigger the process of hair loss. Some of these reasons are:

  • Health Concerns: Your hair decline can be caused due to various types of ailments, like anaemia, alopecia areata, high fever – especially typhoid and hypothyroidism.
  • Deficiency In Nutrients: Hair fall can also be triggered due to deficiencies in the nutritional content in your body. Deficiency of iron, vitamin and iodine may result in triggering the hair loss problem.
  • Unexpected Weight Loss: Unexpected weight loss owing to any reason whether it is some illness or crash diet program might also induce intense hair decline.
  • Medicines and Medical Procedures: A number of medicines and medical procedures such as immune suppression medicines and most of the cancers treatment (chemotherapy) cause hair fall in the affected individual.
  • Stress (Emotional and Physical): Emotional and physical stress on a continuous level lead to hair decline. You might not begin to see the effect right away because hair fall usually begins many months when you have long gone through the trauma. If you take stress every day, then also hair fall problem can start quickly.
  • Neglecting Hair Care: your hair might also start to fall out, if proper care is not taken. But what does proper hair care means? Keeping good hair hygiene, shampooing and conditioning hair on a regular basis, brushing, styling and drying hair carefully, all these things come with proper hair care.

What’s The Pattern of Baldness in Males?

Genes and hormones are often held responsible for the pattern baldness in males. However, scientists are yet to find the root cause of hair loss. Hair loss pattern runs in the family and affects its male members mostly. If you’re a victim of hair loss then get hair transplant in Dubai to get hair back on your head.