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Hair Wigs or Hair Transplant

Which Is Better: Hair Wigs or Hair Transplant?

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Feb, 03 2024

Various options are available when addressing hair loss or thinning, including hair wigs and hair transplant procedures. Both are popular options amongst individuals facing hair loss. These approaches aim to provide individuals with a fuller head of hair and boost their confidence. However, choosing between a hair wig and a hair transplant depends on the desired outcome, budget considerations, personal comfort level with surgical procedures, and individual aesthetic goals.

Here, we at Harleys Clinic, a leading hair transplant clinic in Mumbai, have gathered information from expert hair specialists. We will be comparing the advantages & disadvantages of both Hair Wigs and Hair Transplant as a hair loss solution. 

Hair Wigs

Hair wigs are hair pieces made with synthetic threads or natural human hair. Synthetic wigs cannot be styled but will retain their shape, whereas human hair wigs may be styled with a straightener or blow dryer, much like your own natural hair.

There are several reasons why people choose wigs. They are particularly suitable for patients with the most advanced grade of hair loss, those who are unfit for hair transplant because of medical comorbidities, undergoing medical treatments such as chemotherapy.

Advantages of Hair Wigs

The advantages of wearing hair wigs are:

  • You get Instant Results: don’t have to wait around for a hair treatment to work, wigs can transform your look instantly.
  • Can get Varied Hairstyles: Wigs come in different colours and styles. You can change your hairstyle whenever you like without committing to one look.
  • Easy to Use: Wigs are easy to put on and can be applied when you feel like wearing them.

Disadvantages of Hair Wigs

The disadvantages of wearing wigs are:

  • Maintenance and Care: You must follow a strict care schedule for your hair piece, especially if you want to keep your wig as natural-looking as possible.
  • Damage to Natural Hair: Wig caps can damage your current hair and hinder natural growth.
  • Skin Irritation: Wigs can be uncomfortable when worn for a long time. Not only can they feel unpleasantly hot to wear, but they can cause headaches, itchiness and even rashes.
  • Limitations to Activity: It’s impractical to exercise, swim or sleep in a wig. They can also come off anytime as they’re not secured to your scalp.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery is a cosmetic procedure performed under local anaesthesia to treat hair loss. While various techniques are available, all hair transplants involve taking hair follicles from an area of the scalp unaffected by hair loss. The healthy follicles are then grafted onto thinning or balding areas of the scalp.

Advantages of Hair Transplant Surgery

The benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery are:

  • Uses your Natural Hair: The procedure uses natural hair removed from your scalp. It eventually grows naturally and is the same colour as your original hair.
  • Permanent Remedy: The transplanted hair growth stays forever, so hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution for natural hair growth.
  • Low Maintenance: Once your hair grows, there is minimal maintenance as transplanted hair grows like your natural hair.

Disadvantages of Hair Transplant Surgery

The disadvantages of Hair Transplant Surgery are:

  • Painful: The procedure is painful at the start of local aneasthesia. And can cause bruising, swelling and headache during recovery. However, all of it settles down in a week.
  • Risks & Complications: All procedures come with a degree of risk. Some risks include infection, donor area scarring, nerve damage, poor hair growth or further surgery to increase density. However, all these can be avoided by getting a hair transplant surgery done by a competent surgeon.
  • Downtime: Recovery is not overnight. It can take between 8 to 10 days for a complete recovery.
  • Hair Growth: Start gradually at three months and take 9-10 months for complete results.
  • Rarely Suitable for Women: Only a tiny percentage of women are candidates for hair transplant surgery.


While both options have their merits, it's essential to consider individual preferences and needs when deciding. Hair wigs offer versatility and flexibility in styling options, while hair transplants provide a more permanent solution by utilizing one's naturally growing hair. Consulting with professionals in the field can help individuals make an informed decision that aligns with their specific circumstances.

If you looking for a more detailed analysis and are wondering whether you would be a suitable candidate for a hair transplant. Then, you must book a consultation with a skilled hair transplant surgeon. You must consult our expert surgeon, Dr. Sumit Agarwal. He is known as the best hair transplant doctor in Mumbai for providing the best options to his patients. The doctor will suggest all the possible alternatives in the patients' best interests. 

Dr. Sumit Agarwal has extensive expertise in providing natural results. He has gained stature in his 14+ years of expertise, which makes him known for providing the best hair transplant in Mumbai and worldwide. To learn more, visit Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic now. 

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