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Why Choosing FUE Hair Transplant Technique Is A Smart Decision

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Sep, 11 2017

One of the most modern and popular methods of hair restoration is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). It’s a surgical cosmetic treatment that requires minimally invasive technique. So, what’s FUE after all? Follicular Unit Extraction can be defined as a transplant technique that provides incredibly natural looking outcomes for the patients compared to any other restoration process.


You know why FUE is so preferred by men all over the world? Because it hardly gives any scar on the scalp after the surgery.


The area from where the hair strands are extracted is known as the donor area. In other techniques, a whole strip of skin was extracted from the back of your scalp, which resulted in a big scar, so having short hairstyles is out of the question. In a few cases, these scars might stretch and become disfigured. On the other hand, there’s no such issues with FUE, which also has a much better success rate than other techniques.


It’s time to check out the main reasons that make Follicular Unit Extraction the best choice as a transplant option.


  1. The scarring won’t be visible at all, especially after a year later
  2. This technique is an excellent choice for people who have little donor hair, also known as Norwood 6 condition
  3. Perfect choice for people with so-called ‘tight scalp’
  4. Recovery period is shorter compared to any other restoration surgery
  5. If you want to have a short hairstyle afterwards, then FUE is the right choice

A qualified specialist should check your scalp and health first before you get a FUE transplant. How much of the bald area of your head can be covered adequately is decided mostly by the amount of donor hair and the density of the hair. Anyone can have a hair transplant – the question is how much coverage they’re expecting from the FUE transplant.


With this sort of hair transplant method, the hair strands are extracted in small follicular units (1 – 3 hairs) and planted specifically into the scalp. These strands are transplanted straightaway from the donor zone without extracting any strip of the skin from the scalp. After the surgery, there are scars in the donor area, but these are too tiny and a magnifying glass will be needed to find them. These scars will also fade away with time.


Since the inception of the FUE method of hair transplant, the demand for other types of hair transplant has fallen significantly. This also happened because the high success rate offered by Follicular Unit Extraction.


With Follicular Unit Extraction technique, a surgeon can transplant thousands of follicles in a single session. The recovery time is also fast, so in 12 months you’ll have full grown hair on your head and no one will be able to tell if you had a restoration surgery.