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Why Expert Surgeons Suggest FUE Hair Transplant?

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Dec, 01 2016

All over the world, FUE is seen as a standout amongst the most preferred hair transplant surgeries. As a matter of fact, you should first know what an FUE hair transplant is all about. Actually, FUE is a short form of Follicular Unit Extraction that can give mind blowing outcomes in a short period of time. FUE is known for causing less scarring when it is compared any other type of available hair transplant method.

  • Why Choose FUE Hair Transplant Technique?

Let’s take a look at some reasons that will influence you to choose an FUE hair transplant. These reasons incorporate:

  1. The general population, who have little hair at the donor site, are ideal candidates for this hair transplant procedure
  2. The scars or marks are almost undetectable
  3. The best choice for individuals who have a tight scalp
  4. Your recovery will be quite quick compared to other techniques, if you choose FUE technique
  5. You can go back to your normal routine sooner than any other transplant method.

The above mentioned reasons clearly reflect that FUE treatment in India is the best choice whenever a person considers hair transplant treatment. In hair transplant technique donor site is the area from where hair follicles are extracted (usually back and side of the scalp) and then these follicles are transplanted into the recipient area (usually crown or temple area of the scalp).

If the treatment is successful, then you can even sport short hairstyles. To ensure the success of the surgery, you need to visit the best hair transplant surgeon. Dr Sumit Agrawal is known for his amazing skills and expertise in the field of hair transplant surgery, especially for FUE technique.

  • Proper Hair Loss Diagnosis & Evaluation

Before beginning FUE hair transplant, the hair transplant surgeon will first perform step by step and detailed diagnosis & evaluation of your hair loss problem. Only after thorough check up, the surgeon will determine the exact area on the scalp that needs to be treated. Don’t forget to explain the surgeon what type of results you’re expecting from the transplant surgery.

  • Procedure

The patient will be treated with local anaesthesia in the scalp under the guidance of an expert. Then, the surgeon will extract follicular units one by one from the donor site of the scalp. These follicular units will be kept safely in a chemical solution. After the extraction process is completed, the surgeon will implant the follicles cautiously to create the hairline in the targeted area. The treatment will leave behind tiny scars, which start fading when the treatment gets over and within a week, there won’t be any scar left on the scalp.

FUE hair transplant is the proven and the best hair transplant technique available currently. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Harley Hair Transplant Clinic today to get rid of your baldness problem.