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Why India Is The World Leader In Hair Transplant Treatments?

Why India Is The World Leader In Hair Transplant Treatments?

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Dec, 07 2016

In India, hair transplant industry is growing at a rapid pace and has turned out to be a leading nation for surgical treatments. It has been estimated that the medical tourism has become more than billion dollar industry, which is increasing at a decent rate.

There are different types of reasons why there has been such a huge rise in hair transplant in India with thousands of patients pouring in every month, especially from Middle Eastern nations like Dubai. The success of the Indian hair transplant industry is due to various reasons such as:

  • Climate

Yes, you heard it right! Climate of a region might affect the growth of hair. Indian subcontinent and Arabian Gulf have extreme climatic conditions and lots of humidity in the atmosphere, which has negative impacts of the scalp and hair. As a result, many people in this part of the world have to deal with hair loss problem. On the other hand, India is known for its expert doctors, and this brings patients from all over the Arabian Gulf (especially Dubai) to get hair restoration treatment.

  • Cost Of Transplant

Cost is one of the major reasons why people from around the world flock in India to get hair restoration treatment. In India, patients get the benefit of low cost without any compromise on the level of service offered.  The cost of hair transplant in India, is somewhere around $ 1,000 to $ 3,000, whereas the cost of the same type of treatment in the USA or Europe is around $ 25,000. This is one of the major reasons why people are attracted towards India for transplant surgery.

  • Latest Techniques & Technologies

Although the cost of hair transplant is quite low compared to western nations, but the quality of techniques and technologies used in transplant is equal to that offered in the USA and Europe. In Harleys Cosmetic Clinic, transplantation is performed by utilizing the most innovative and advanced techniques that deliver excellent results with natural look for a lifetime. The FUE and FUT surgeries are safe and reliable procedures that can bring hair back on your head.

  • Facilities/Clinic

In India, medical facilities at government approved clinics are fantastic. A Harleys Cosmetic Clinic, you’ll find world-class facilities and services at affordable prices. The clinic has gained popularity for its unmatchable facilities and care offered to every patient. These are some major reasons why Harley Cosmetic Clinic has many patients from Gulf countries like Dubai, Muscat and Abu Dhabi.

  • Major Tourist Attraction

India is known as an ideal vacation destination due to its low costs and some of the most popular landmarks, especially Taj Mahal. How about getting a hair transplant, and then go for some sightseeing at Gateway of India and Taj Mahal? Sounds interesting, right? This is what many of our patients do. They take this opportunity to visit some of the renowned holiday destination in India.

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