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You Must Avoid These 7 Things After Getting Hair Transplant Surgery

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Mar, 01 2017

We all know that hair transplant surgery is a minimal invasive procedure, but it’s still a delicate and sensitive treatment. After the surgery, you need to take extra care of your scalp to ensure healthy recovery.

Let’s take a look at 7 things that you must avoid for a few days after getting hair transplant to ensure full & speedy recovery. There’s no need to avoid these things permanently, but only till recovery is completed, or if your surgeon allows you to use anything.

  1. Stay away from Sun Exposure After the surgery is completed you will see a bit of swelling and redness on the treated area. To avoid irritation in the skin, you need to avoid direct sun exposure for a few days. If it’s really important to go out in the sun, then cover it properly with a hat or scarf. Ice bag can reduce swelling and redness, but consult your doctor before using it directly on the skin.
  2. Stay away from Physical Activities After the surgery you need to avoid any games, activities, and all outside exercises, which include persistent activity at least for a month. Inclining your head forward or downwards isn’t advisable and should be avoided. It is ideal to keep your head raised.
  3. Stop Alcohol And Tobacco Consumption You need to be very clear about this point before the surgery. After hair transplant, you must stop smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol completely. Both of these habits are not only dangerous to the health, but they also stop flow of blood to scalp, thus hampering the hair growth.
  4. Stop Eating Spicy And Inorganic Food To get the lost hair back on your head, you need a balanced, organic and complete diet. After getting hair transplant, a patient will need a diet that’s rich in proteins, vitamins and basic amino acids which are easily available in organic food items. Also, you need to avoid spicy and inorganic food items as they may damage the speed of your recovery after the surgery.
  5. Don’t Touch The Newly Grafted Hair Hair follicles are exceptionally delicate and sensitive, and they’re usually covered with bandaged by the doctor after the surgery is completed. There’s a possibility that you might feel a bit pain, irritation or itching on the treated area, but you need to refrain from rubbing or touching the scalp.
  6. No Self Medication Each drug an individual takes has an effect on his/her body. Self-medication must be avoided at all cost, especially before and after getting a transplant surgery. If there’s pain on the operated area, then the patient can take only prescribed painkillers. All the other medicines should be avoided, only take prescribed medications and share your medical history with the transplant surgeon before the treatment begins.
  7. Stay Away from Styling and Chemical Sprays Just avoid any type of styling or chemical sprays after the surgery as these products might cause severe complications and infections. These products may also damage the regrowth process. Our hair transplant clinic will provide all types of instructions before and after the procedure that will help in healthy and speedy recovery.