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You will be shocked to know habits that can lead to hair thinning

You will be shocked to know habits that can lead to hair thinning

  • By Harleys Clinic
  • Oct, 01 2019

At times we unintentionally do things that harm us, though we don’t do them purposely. In this article, we will discuss certain very unintentional habits that can lead to hair thinning.


Not-enough Shampooing or frequent Shampooing: Depends upon the type of scalp you have, oily scalp need much frequent shampooing than the dry and rough scalp, it’s very important to nourish your scalp by properly cleaning it, this helps in improving and maintaining hair growth. Not cleaning your scalp on a regular basis can lead to accumulation of pollutant and oil, which will further lead to scalp inflammation and dandruff causing itching, scratching and finally breaking and thinning of hairs


Treat your Hairs: Don’t be too rough with your hairs while washing, Conditioning or combing. Wash and condition your hairs with very gentle hands and when done use a wide teeth comb to clear the tangles, the less you pull your hairs the better it would be for your hairs.


Proper Diet: Evenif you are using the most expensive or effective products recommended by your stylist or hair specialist, but not taking a proper diet that includes a balanced consumption of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals you won’t get the kind of healthy hair growth you might have expected. At Harleys hair transplant clinic in Mumbai, we have assessed a lot of patients who complained about hair loss, we analyzed their diet and just by changing their diet and including supplements rich in iron, vitamin D, or zinc the rate of hair loss decreased and eventually stopped.


Styling Tools: Using too much styling tools like hairdryer, rollers, flat irons or curling on a daily basis can damage your hairs causing breakage and weakening of scalp, thus it is advised even if you are using hair styling products regularly keep the heat setting of all such tools to the lowest point.


Hair Brush: Have you ever wondered that within your hairbrush collection, there must be one hairbrush that must be your favorite that always gives you the perfect results with less or no hair breakage, Right! Always choose the right brush for your hairs, because a wrong hairbrush can do irreversible damage if used for long.


Hair Cut: Especially for women, if you are thinking of growing your hairs long, do visit your hairstylist often to get the ends trimmed this will escalate the process of healthy hair growth reducing damage, breakage and split ends.


Smoking: Smoking is considered as one of the leading causes of hair thinning by reducing scalp blood circulation. The damage done to hairs due to smoking can be reversed depending on the frequency of smoking, the time period the person is smoking from and the amount of damage done to the circulatory system.


Styling Products: Using hair gel and hair spray might enhance your looks for a while, but using such products for longer period of time can damage your hairs, as these products contain a certain amount of alcohol that can make hairs go dry and you might experience hair break or hair fall while combing.


Direct Sunlight: Always cover your hairs while walking out in sun, as direct sunlight can damage your hair outer cuticle and fiber, making your hair more prone to breaking.


Now, if you are engaged in any of the practices mentioned above and experiencing hair breakage or hair loss it’s not necessary for you to go crazy and look for remedies! Best would be to consult a hair specialist! Meanwhile, you can read our article on How much hair fall can be considered as normal hair fall this will clear your doubts up to an extent.


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