Female Frontal Hair Transplant Mumbai

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Female Frontal Hair Transplant Mumbai

Female frontal Hair Transplant in Mumbai has gained a lot of popularity among women in recent days, as it can achieve a scar less natural-looking hairline.Women with a higher forehead may develop inferiority feelings, as a woman with a higher forehead makes her face appear larger, longer, and even older.Frontal hairline correction surgery made it easier to reduce women’s forehead size and achieve the desired hairline that will make women look much younger than their age


Women who can opt for a Female Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Women’s frontal hairlines can be classified into five categories

  • Round frontal hairline
  • M-shaped or masculine frontal hairline
  • Rectangular frontal hairline
  • Bell-shaped frontal hairline
  • Triangular frontal hairline

Hair transplant Techniques used in the correction of Female frontal hairline

The hair transplant techniques used for hairline correction in women are no different than any usual hair transplant procedure.The choice of hair transplant technique opted for frontal hairline correction may change from patient to patient as individual patient requirements are different. 

FUT Hair transplant technique: 

The FUT procedure includes extracting a tiny strip of tissue from the back of the scalp, and then from this strip, the donor hair follicles will be taken out. The hair follicles are gathered from the strip by highly experienced Dr. Sumit Agrawal before being individually transplanted to the recipient areas.

FUT is preferred in cases of advanced hair loss because this technique allows the surgeon to fully utilize the scalp area to deliver outcomes that match the expectations of the patient. FUT enables the surgeon to transplant the highest number of grafts in a single session.

FUE Hair transplant technique: 

Female Hair Transplant Mumbai: In FUE hair transplantation, every single follicular unit is exclusively extracted directly from the head without any need to remove tissue from the scalp. From the donor site, the hair follicles are removed randomly and the result is less density that is not even noticeable, this is the primary difference between FUE hair transplant and FUT hair transplant techniques.

Since follicles are extracted one by one, less number of follicles can be gathered during a run of the normal session, which makes FUE hair transplant an excellent option to regrow hair in smaller cases or grafts numbers compared to the common FUT hair transplant technique.

FUT versus FUE hair transplant: which technique is best?

Both FUE and FUT are advanced techniques and can achieve great results, however, both have their advantages and disadvantages

FUE advantages include:

  • No or Minimal scarring, with the FUE hair transplant technique a series of the tiny dot, may be visible if observed very closely, however, the dots are so small that they are difficult to find with the naked eye.
  • Very short recovery time as the small extractions are done during the FUE procedure doesn’t require extra care and heals by themselves
  • A hairstyle, after FUE patient, can opt for a short hairstyle as dot scars are not visible.

FUT advantages include:

  • Best for patients looking for transplanting a larger area, the reason being hairs are harvested from the mid-section of the donor area where the hairs are usually most abundant. 
  • the least shaving of the head scalp is required, so the stitches can be easily hidden.
  • Less time consuming as FUE usually takes between three to eight hours, depending on the graft  requirements of the patient.

If you are considering a frontal hairline correction, the best would be to consult a surgeon as to what technique might best suit your requirements.

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