FUT Hair Transplant In Mumbai

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Follicular Unit Transplantation

FUT Hair Transplant in Mumbai: procedure includes extracting a tiny strip of tissue from the back of the scalp, and then from this strip, the donor hair follicles will be taken out. The hair follicles are gathered from the strip by highly experienced Dr. Sumit Agrawal before being individually transplanted to the recipient areas.

FUT is the preferred method in most cases, and especially cases of advanced hair loss because this technique allows the surgeon to fully utilize the scalp area to deliver outcomes that match with the expectations of the patient. FUT enables the surgeon to transplant the highest number of grafts in a single session.

 Follicular Unit Transplantation
 Follicular Unit Transplantation

FUT Hair Transplant in Mumbai – FUT Pain Management

A few patients report a bit high level of pain & discomfort with FUT techniques compared to other types of hair restoration procedures. This happens mainly due to the possible swelling in the site from where the strip of tissue was extracted. However, FUT has a very manageable recovery period and pain can be ceased with help of proper medication prescribed by your surgeon if needed. FUT / Strip hair transplantation technique is quite simple and it’s performed on an outpatient basis with some patients going back to their normal routine even on the very next day.

FUT Scarring

The FUT strip extraction technique usually gives an extremely thin linear scar on the back of the scalp (normally 1mm in width or even lesser). Since the scar is very narrow, it can be effortlessly concealed even if you have short hair around the scar. A short to medium size, crop setting on most of the clippers is enough to hide the scar for the majority of patients. After a period of time, the scar starts fading and becomes less visible.

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