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Nimish Barodia

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Had a great experience from the beginning to the end. I was not only happy with Dr. Sumit Agrawal, but all staff members were very approachable and helping nature with professional attire.

Dr. Agrawal very calm, simple and sincere personality, help me with my long procedure of Hair Implant. He explained me step by step pre - and post - operative instruction and made me very comfortable. He never failed to answer any question that i may have. His response was very quick.

Surely recommend Dr. Sumit Agrawal without even wasting time on your window shopping.

Zulfikar Lakdawala

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Dr Sumit is very calm and relax . Very professional supported by pleasant and skilled team in Mumbai, India. Very transparent and a hassle free consultation.
02Jan20 is when I did my hair transplant and its just a year now and quite happy with the remarkable results. It was a full day's operation and team handled me quite well. During the entire process, there was absolutely no pain. (this is for people who are hesitant and scared). For the entire year Dr Sumit was available for consultation support anytime and his team is quite responsive on Phone or whatsapp messages.

Following the confidence gained, I have already started the treatment for my wife and daughter with Dr Sumit ....Highly recommended.

Aditya Chavan

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I had a great experience at Harley’s Clinic. I had undergone hair transplant and the results are amazing! Dr. Sumeet Agarwal is simply the best. He is extremely skilled, calm and understanding. Right from initial consultation to the hair transplant surgery, the complete process was flawless. The staff is very diligent and supportive. I would highly recommend Harley’s Clinic as they provide a great value for your money.

Verified Patient

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I was very comfortable while surgery was taking place. I was three from morning 9 am till evening 8 pm but not at all tired or exhausted. The do´s and don't after surgery were all mentioned in the file given by the Doctor. All staff wete suppotive. The surgery was slight painful but the healing was rapid. I followed all the instruction given by doctor. I will recommend one sud go for hair transplant without any problem. Thanks Doctor Sumeet Agrawal

Priti warik

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I really appriciate the way he listend to me hair problem & adviced treatment accordingly. Looking forward the same with solution of my hair issues

Joy baba

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I first consulted Dr Agarwal for hair transplant from the US using whatsapp messages. Both doctor's staff and Dr Agarwal were very prompt and courteous to me. He was patient and answered all my questions and concerns and also explained the process to me. I explored other options but I found him to the best overall.

I came to Mumbai for the procedure. Before the procedure i was given proper instructions. I had 3100 grafts by the FUE method. The procedure went smoothly. Doctor was present in the room for significant portion of the procedure and made sure that he performed all the critical parts himself.

The postop care was very well explained to me by both doctor and his staff. I flew back to US within 4 days of surgery. Nothing unexpected happened to me. The itchiness and numbness of scalp was there for more few more days than expected. Doctor was always available to answer my questions and concerns via whatsapp.

The results were exceptional. I started noticing results in as few as 3 months. From 6 months onwards people started noticing the difference and started giving compliments. By 9 months i had already reached the peak and there was nobody who didn't notice my exceptional hair growth.

I had regular followups with doctor over the phone and followed the hair care regime as instructed by the doctor.

Overall i'm extremely satisfied with the whole process. It was one of the best decisions i took. It has boosted my confidence considerably. I'm so satisfied that I’m contemplating a second round of transplant in the future.

Dr Agarwal is kind, knowledgeable, skillful, patient, soft spoken and overall a true gentleman.

Vichare Mahesh

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It was a great experience, the staff and doctor(sumit Agarwal) are so co-operative and service was good. Just had a hair transplant about 16000 grafts. After three months got satisfactory results. Expecting great results in coming months.

Verified Patient

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Very professional individual ( DR. Sumeet Agrawal ). All my quires were answered with a lot of patience. I would strongly recommend this clinic to my family friends and relatives. I almost for got to mention about the staff in my previous feedback I would really like to thank them as well. Very friendly, prompt and positive staff. I would strongly recommend herleys clinic to everyone facing issues with hair.

Sudhanshu Kumar

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The ability of the doctor to explain at great length the procedure he will undertake. His patient reply to all my repeated queries. His ability to reach out and answer my queries even when I was a 1000 km away at my home. The promptness of the staff to respond and remind about appointments. Their friendliness and attention to cleanliness. Very professional and effective clinic. Thank you for everything. I enjoy taking selfies now. It looks better now.

Abhijeet patil

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He is highly qualified and experienced doctor . He is very polite and honest . He does his work with 100 % devotion.Explains details to patients. His hospital is very clean and hygienic. Hospital staff is also very polite . Overall

Alvin Kalicharan

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If looking for a trusted partner who delivers what he says then go for Dr Sumit!! He is the best in this field and his service is world class. You can’t ask for better treatment and care than his clinic. No word can speak my gratitude for great treatment and care. Thank you!!!

Naresh Bulchandani

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Good, straight forward and honest Doctor. Patient in explaining the treatment and answering queries. Reasonable cost.

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